Traveller’s guide to sending and receiving gifts abroad


Travelling is always a phenomenal time, and it’s one where you’re likely to be living your life to the max. However, no matter how much you’re enjoying yourself and having the time of your life, it’s likely that you’re missing your family and want to send them a little gift to show them just how much you’re loving them and thinking of them.

If this is the case, but you’re wondering about how to decide what to take and how to send it, allow this simple guide to help you.


Consider Sentimental Value

When you’re buying a present from your travels, the first thing you should consider is the sentimental value of what you’re purchasing and what it means. Presents should always be fun, but ensure that it’s not just something that your family or friends could easily just buy over here.

Instead, ensure it’s something particular to the place you’re staying. It’s even better if the present has a story behind it. That way, you can add a letter in with it for when it reaches your family back home. Maybe it reminds you of a holiday you had with your family? Or maybe it reminds you of a family story? Either way, it’s always best if the present has sentimental value.


Keep Import and Export Rules in Mind

However, when you’re selecting a present, ensure that you know the import and export rules of the country you’re in, as well as the country you’re sending it to. If you’re sending alcohol or food, for example, there may be some restrictions.

If you’re sending from outside the EU to an EU country, import fees may vary, so it’s worth checking this. You don’t want to spend £20 on an item and postage only for your family to have to pay another £20 to release it from customs!

Size (and Weight) Matters

As it would if you were sending a parcel from the UK with the Royal Mail, size and weight are both important in determining how much it will cost to send. Your item may be cheap, but if it’s large and heavy, it’ll cost a fortune to send. Thankfully, with most couriers like Parcel2Go, you can get an estimate for how much it’ll cost to send your parcel back home, or to another European country such as Germany. Its well worth using tools like these before you buy your item so you know the associated cost.