The Benefits of Using Airport Transfers


If you’re traveling this year, the idea of arriving at an airport and having to find a taxi, hire a car, or negotiate a foreign public transport system may be a little overwhelming. An airport transfer service will take you to and from the airport, either while you’re leaving, when you arrive at your new destination or both.

Here are just a few benefits of using airport transfers:


Skip the lines

When you arrive on a packed flight there will usually be hundreds of people going through immigration together, searching for a cab, or trying to get a train or bus. And in some airports it’s common for many different flights to arrive at the same time- even late at night. If you have your airport transfer already booked, you can skip all of these lines, and instead of spending time yawning through your jet lag while waiting to get out of the airport, you can get straight into a pre-booked car and head to your hotel. When you’re tired after a long flight and excited to explore a new city, this feels like you’ve won the lottery.

Stay on track

If you’re arriving somewhere you’ve never been before, you’ll find that it’s easy to get lost- especially if you’re tired and jet-lagged. And nothing tries your relationship more than arguing over the correct way to get to your hotel or trying to find wifi late at night so you can load Google maps. Taking an airport transfer allows you to avoid all of this and quickly and easily get to your destination.



If you’re a solo traveler, or even a couple arriving at a destination late at night or where you don’t really know which areas to avoid, it’s important to take your safety into account. Many places around the world have unmarked taxis, or taxi drivers who will bargain with you and then charge you a different price- or even worse, drive off with your luggage still in the car. When you first arrive at a new place, it’s worth being extra safe until you know the local travel scams, have a trusted taxi number, and an idea of the city layout. Standing on a street corner with a map and all of your luggage is one of the worst things you can do when you arrive somewhere new as it paints a pretty big target on your back.

No need to hire a car

Hiring a car can be a good way to see a destination, but if you haven’t driven on that side of the road, you’re not used to the way things work or the road rules, it can often be a much better idea to use public transport. Airport transfers save you tons of time and money that you would spend hiring a car instead.