Top American Attractions


America is one of those places that almost everyone dreams of, it is many different things to many different people. With numerous intentional icons such as the red bridge in San Francisco and the Statue of Liberty in New York, there’s so many reasons to visit this great country. We’ve narrowed down some key top American attractions so you can get inspired for your next visit here:

Theme Parks, Florida

There’s so many great theme parks in Florida to check out, from SeaWorld to Universal Studios, you’ve got at least a week’s entertainment right there. It’s perfect for families as there’s enough to keep kids of all ages entertained. There’s lots of different ways to buy Florida park tickets but we suggest looking online to save time and money.


The Grand Canyon:

The Grand Canyon is quite simply huge and there’s really nothing else like it anywhere else in the world. This National park, located in Arizona, is one of the best natural attractions in all of America. There are lots of great photo ops here, as well as a special opportunity to be out in nature, a nice change from the chaos of some of the big cities here.

Central Park, New York:

New York is a must-see on any trip to America, and while the Statue of liberty is wonderful in person, Central Park is New York’s real gem. Each season offers such a different experience, from the cool crispness and colourful wonderland that emerges in the fall, to the lively mood the park takes on during the summer time. If you visit New York, make sure you allow yourself at least a few hours to enjoy this wonderful, large central park.


Californian Beaches:

With great weather year round, booking a trip to the Californian beaches is always a winning choice. From the popular beaches in Orange County to Gold Bluffs beach, Prairie Creek Redwoods state park, there’s something for everyone. Because of the great climate, many Californians tend to spend a lot of time exercising outside, sun bathing and enjoying water sports making it a great holiday destination for those who love to be outside and active.

No matter where you go in America, you’re bound to discover some new places that you love. Most Americans are very hospitable, especially if you go to some of the smaller towns.

Do you have any tips for top things to do in America? Let us know in the comments below!


Photo: Roger NelsonDamian Gadal and Grand Canyon National Park used under Creative Commons License