Best Rides at Walt Disney World Florida


Even if you spend the entire day at Walt Disney World Florida, it might take a little planning to ensure you to get to enjoy all the rides that are worth going on, some of which you might find yourself riding 4 or 5 times. Once you’ve got Family Disney tickets in Florida sorted the next thing you’ll want to plan is what rides you’ll focus your attention on. To save you time, we’ve come up with a list of the best rides at Walt Disney World Florida:

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

If you like a little adventure, this ride is for you. You’ll be thrown around in all directions on this fun ride. You need to be at least 40 inches to ride and enjoy the story line. This ride goes all out with an interesting story to keep you engaged and guessing what’s coming next.


The Haunted Mansion

This ride is equal parts scary and silly, for a nice change on the traditional haunted house. We wouldn’t suggest taking smaller children or kids that might scare easily, but the brave kids it will be quite an adventure as you enjoy this classic ride.

Mission: Space

This is the perfect ride for those budding astronauts who can’t get enough of space. On this ride you’ll be in a capsule as you take off and land, at crazy speeds. This is a really unique ride that stimulates space travel in such an interesting way, definitely worth trying at least once.

Turtle Talk with Crush

This is perfect for the younger family members, especially if they’re fans of the ocean or the movie Finding Nemo. In this show, an animated Crush interacts with the audience in real time, which is pretty groundbreaking and for this reason worth a watch. This is a safe show, that’s charming and enchanting without being scary or too much for the younger family members.


Splash Mountain

This is a fusion of some of the most popular theme park rides, including the pairing of the typical log flume ride, while combining it with a dark ride that’s filled with a bunch of animatronics. There’s also a pretty big drop that’ll have your heart racing and your stomach dipping.

Expedition Everest

Are you looking for a thrilling roller coaster? Well Expedition Everest is for you. You’ll be impressed by the extensive environment that the roller coaster is in, as well as the speed that it reaches. You’ll experience pretty intense positive G-forces as well as backwards roller coaster motion and darkness… the perfect combination for a ride that keeps you guessing.

Whatever your age and fearlessness, there’ll be a ride at Walt Disney World Florida that keeps you wanting more!


Photo: ckramerJeffChristiansen and JeffChristiansen used under Creative Commons License