Top 6 holiday destinations in summer 2016


Summer is almost here and that means that lovers of travel and exotic holidays will need to start planning where they are going to go this year. Here are six hot holiday destination ideas for you to consider.



This is a small fishing village in the Algarve region of Portugal and it is a great option if you want somewhere hot and sunny but reasonably quiet and secluded for a family holiday. The beach is small but great for sunbathing on, while there are ice cream parlours and shops within easy distance. If you want to stay in a resort, Tivoli is suitable for families, while the crabs, starfish and barnacles in the beach’s rock pools will delight older children.

Praia de Barranco

This is another warm Algarve destination that will be great for families – particularly those who like sports and adventures. For children there are two clubs: the Junior Club and Pirate Club with activities like water ball and mini golf, while the tennis academy offers lessons to people of all ages. For accommodation, try the Pine Cliffs Residences, which offer great Portuguese cuisine.



If you’re a fan of playing casino online at sites like and wanting to go on a  fun casino holiday but don’t quite fancy the bright lights of Las Vegas, Macau could be the place to go. With numerous luxury casinos that have put this island on the map, Macau is home to casino favourites like blackjack and baccarat as well as games such as Pai Gow.

Rio de Janeiro

Boasting a truly outstanding landscape and lively nightlife coupled with wonderful beaches and hot weather, Rio de Janeiro has everything. This year the list of attractions there also includes the Olympic Games, making it a fine pick for those who love sports.



The capital of Peru has lots of attractions on offer if you’re planning on going here. Colonial-era buildings and ruins from the pre-Inca period are well worth exploring, while there are clubs, bars, restaurants and shops aplenty in the heart of the town, and a sunny climate to enjoy them in.

 Costa Rica

Another place where humidity is certain is Costa Rica, but if you are comfortable with that then you can explore the rainforests or try your hand at surfing at one of its beaches, with the clean white sands. Rincon de la Vieja, a national park, also offers you the chance to zip-line over the trees, if you are adventurous.

As you can see, summer 2016 has a host of great places to explore, although making your choice on where you want to go might be difficult.