Need to Pass the MOT? Read This First


There are a number of things that you need to do to pass the MOT, and by checking over your car yourself, you can actually get an idea about whether or not you will pass, and make any changes necessary before you take your vehicle in.

Here are some things you should check if you want to pass the MOT the first time:



Check your vehicles’ bodywork for any signs of damage or corrosion. You shouldn’t see any sharp edges, and if you have “excessive” corrosion within 12 inches of the vehicle’s frame or a structural component you won’t pass the test.


Your fuel cap should be able to be removed easily, and you need to make sure you have enough fuel in your car so that the test centre can perform some tests (don’t take your vehicle in if your red light is on).

Vehicle Identification Number

Your VIN should be displayed legibly on the vehicle, and is usually on the windscreen on the drivers side and also on the driver’s B-pillar.

Registration Plate

You need to have registration plates on both the rear and front of your vehicle, and the letters and numbers need to be easily and clearly visible, so if you haven’t taken it in for a clean, at least wipe the plates.


Your horn must be present, but it also needs to be clearly audible to pedestrians and other motorists. If you don’t have a working horn you may find that you could be fined or be given penalty points.



Your doors need to be able to easily opened from outside and inside, and should lock securely when closed.


All of the seatbelts in your vehicle should be damage-free and not be frayed. Every seatbelt needs to both lock and release quickly and easily.


You need to have both a rear-view mirror and at least one side-mirror unless your vehicle was used before 1978. Obviously it’s ideal for you to have both wing mirrors. The glass should be in good condition and not have any chips or sharp edges that affect your visibility.


This is a rather embarrassing way to fail the MOT,  but it does happen. Make sure that you have enough oil reserves, screen wash and brake fluid, and check these when your engine is cold and the car is on a level surface.


Check for any smoke coming from your exhaust, any corrosion, or any weird noises. your vehicle will also be checked for DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and if you have this missing when it was fitted into the vehicle you’ll fail the MOT.


Tyre pressure is important, and you can find your PSI on the doorjamb on the drivers’ side of most models. The legal tyre tread minimum is 1.6mm.

If you need a new or used car, don’t delay. Go car shopping today and pass your MOT this year.

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