Top 4 Stops On a North American Road Trip


When it comes to vacations, the summer road trip spanning North America is a true classic that remains to be one of the most popular options with vacationers all across the country. This is partly because it can be done in a million different ways and there are routes to suit everyone, regardless of preferences.

If you’re planning to squeeze this adventure of a lifetime in before the end of the summer, here is what not to miss in the top four stops on a classic North American road trip:


1. NYC

New York is renowned for many things and with some claiming it has the most amazing street food and city atmosphere in the States, it’s truly the city that never sleeps.

Don’t Miss: It’s true what they say – you could literally spend a lifetime in New York and never run out of things to do. When visiting, don’t miss an afternoon stroll in Central Park, a night out on Broadway and getting a birds eye view of the night skyline from the Rockefeller Center. If you’ve got time to spare, be sure to make your way upstate and into Ontario for a once in a lifetime view of Niagara Falls and a few nights stay at the


2. Washington D.C.

 Washington D.C. is quite a beautiful city and it’s a place that’s often overlooked by many. The fact that a large majority of the must-see attractions in the city are free to enter makes it a mecca for budget conscious travelers.

Don’t Miss: There’s lots to see and do in Washington but don’t miss the opportunity to explore the White House, Congress and the Jefferson, Lincoln and World War II memorials. Also worth the effort are Washington Monument, Arlington Cemetery, the National Air and Space Museum and the National Gallery of Art. A walking tour of the city comes highly recommended if you want to take in a lot of these attractions in a one-day period.


3. New Orleans

Although New York may have the greatest variety of food in the country, many believe that New Orleans cannot be beaten on the quality of their food. And given that the staple food of the city stems from a mouthwatering fusion of Caribbean, African, Spanish and French cuisine, it’s no surprise that the quality is as high as it is.

Don’t Miss: Food tours – whatever you do in New Orleans, do not miss the food tours. Runners up on the list of things to do in the city include a visit to the National WWII Museum, St. Louis Cathedral, Frenchman Street, Jackson Square and the world famous French Quarter.


4. Austin

If you’re heading west from New Orleans, there really isn’t that much to see along the route – that is until you cross over into Austin, TX. Named as the live music capital of the world, Austin should probably be the number one spot on your list if music is your passion.

Don’t Miss: Regardless of if you’re a music fanatic or not, a stroll down Sixth Street is not to be missed on any account. Bustling with bars, world-class music performances and great beer, set aside a full day (and night) for this part of town. If you’ve got time to spare, make some time to visit the Bullock Texas State History Museum, the State Capitol and the Zach Theatre.

With a landscape that’s mind-blowingly beautiful and stops in some of the most interesting cities in the world, it’s no surprise that the North American road trip still remains to be the ultimate summer vacation.