Tips for the Perfect Road Trip


Everybody loves a good road trip. There is a sense of freedom about being on the open road, heading down the highway to destinations unknown with your family or friends. So next holiday why not plan the ultimate road trip with these top tips:

Get a great car. Choosing a good car is really important for the perfect road trip. If you’re currently looking for a car then there’s really no better than the Land Rover, known worldwide for it’s great off roading abilities. If you already have a car, make sure that you ensure it’s properly maintained so nothing goes wrong on the road.


1. Make a plan, but not one that is too rigid. If you want to make your road trip the authentic experience then have a general idea of where you might want to go, but be open to whatever pops up along the way. Perhaps you see a sign to a waterfall off the beaten track, or you take the scenic detour. Often we discover some of the best places unplanned, so look out for the road signs and see where you end up.

2. Don’t be in a rush. Give yourself time to take the trip at a leisurely pace. It definitely makes for safer driving too when you aren’t worried about your arrival time.

3. Pack a tent. As I said you never know where you’ll end up and it would be a shame to miss out on staying in a beautiful region because you have to find somewhere to sleep for the night. Not only that camping helps save money too.


4. Have a picnic basket in the car packed with all your favourite foods. Let’s face it not all roadside food stops are very appealing. Having a pre-made picnic means that when you go past that beautiful lake, river or beach you can stop and have a nice meal. Not only is it going to be better food but you get to pick your backdrop too.

5. Make an ultimate road trip playlist, with sing along anthems. I don’t care how old you get, cranking up the stereo, blasting out some of your favourite tunes and having a good sing along is the best fun. You also get the opportunity to add in all those songs you pretend to not like back home. Warning, this has been known to create embarrassing moments when stopping at traffic lights.

6. Check everything on your car before you leave. Whilst a good road trip needs an element of being carefree, you still want to do all the necessary car checks before you leave. The last thing you want is a flat battery or tire when you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

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