Sea & Explore: The World’s Most Beautiful Island Destinations


Over 20 million people took a cruise in 2012 and one of the most popular destinations was the Caribbean Islands. It’s not too difficult to see the attraction of these sun-drenched beauty spots or why people are choosing cruise ships as their method of transport. So, what exactly can you expect from taking your holiday along on a cruise?

The ideal family vacation

Families make up a large proportion of the people taking Caribbean cruises and this is mainly due to the excellent deals available and the on-board facilities. Cruise ships today offer everything you would ask from a five-star resort and the accommodation can easily match luxury hotels. All-inclusive meals and drinks, fitness centres, cinemas and swimming pools are standard on most ships, not to mention the nightly entertainment. The children can enjoy kid’s clubs and even ice-skating while parents indulge in a few spa treatments; this is one vacation where the travel is just as much fun as the destination.


Choose your dream island

Although most of the islands will offer those stunning white sand beaches there are some distinct differences to be found depending on your port-of-calls. Jamaica for instance, offers a laid back vibe but is the perfect place for families thanks to the wealth of land and water-based activities. Barbados and Aruba are favoured by those who like to dance and party into the night, and they also have more than their fair share of bars. St Lucia is one of the most romantic beauty spots, which may be why it’s so popular with honeymooners while Cuba is a combination of old world charm and some of the world’s best beaches.

The best family activities

If you’re having trouble deciding on your port-of-call then research the sightseeing and activities available on each island. Head to Puerto Rico or Grenada if you want to visit majestic waterfalls and trek through tropical forests. If diving in crystal clear waters is more your thing then the magnificent Cayman Islands is a world-famous diving location. If you’re a culture vulture looking to step back in time by visiting colonial cities you should add Antigua and Barbuda to your island list.


Don’t just visit one island

One of the major bonuses of booking today’s Caribbean cruise deals is the opportunity to visit a number of your most desired islands. You don’t have to just settle for one island and can easily visit multiple-destinations on one trip. Many cruises will also make stops at nearby locations such as the equally stunning Florida Keys and will even voyage to vibrant Miami. You might not get to visit this part of the world often so it makes sense to see as much of it as you can on an extended trip.

These exotic and fascinating islands always rank highly on those most desired vacation destinations lists and rightfully so. Children will love sailing into this beautiful region of the world and the Caribbean will provide exciting experiences that will no doubt never be forgotten.