The travelling man’s fashion guide


When you’re jetting off around the globe on a weekly or monthly basis, fashion can sometimes become a victim. As you’re busy packing essentials and thinking mainly about the weather you’ll face, it can be easy to forget about looking good. But why should you give up feeling stylish just because you’re a globe-trotter?

Here are our top picks for menswear that is both functional and fashionable, so you can keep turning heads no matter what area you’re in.


Upper body

The humble t-shirt is probably the most versatile piece of menswear you’ll ever own. Worn as your only layer in warmer weather or as a base in cold places, men’s T-shirts should be worn in plain colours like white and light blue so you can style them with lots of different legwear.

If a T-shirt is too plain but you’re in a warm climate and still want to stay casual, don a polo shirt for a more preppy style. For a shirt worn to bars and restaurants, choose darker tones to pair with jeans.

Of course, a vest is sometimes essential for warm weather. Racerback style vests are fashionable, comfortable and show off any progress you’ve made in the gym.

To complete your style, you’ll need a jacket. For colder environments, you’ll generally be wearing a thick Parka coat or waterproof jacket. In warmer weather, a thin cardigan might be the only outerwear you need.


Lower Body

Jeans are a staple that never go out of fashion and suit virtually any location on Earth. Avoid them in wet or very warm climates, as the denim gets heavy and cold when wet and doesn’t breathe very well.

A pair of jean shorts may be a better choice when it’s warm, or you could don some board shorts for some effortless warm-weather style. Paired with a polo shirt and shades, you’ll be ready to hit the beach bars in style.

For adventurous trips to colder areas like Iceland, it may be worth investing in some proper outdoor trousers – but you’ll have to swap back into jeans or trousers for the nightlife.



Fashionable footwear for travellers falls into two distinct categories. Warm weather suits trainers and sandals, while cold weather users should stick to boots. Sandals can be tough to walk long distances in, so trainers may be the right choice for warmer weather. Worn with trainer socks, they’ll keep your feet cool and support your feet no matter where you’re trekking.

Colder weather travellers can sport lots of different styles of boot whilst remaining fashionable. All leather desert boots are ideal, as they’re both hard-wearing and eye-catching.