How Falcon Holidays are helping you with the cost of your all-inclusive holiday


We all know that all-inclusive holidays are a stress free kind of deal – you don’t have to worry about the cost of your food and most drinks, because you’ve already paid for it, and all you need to think about is what you’re going to spend your hard-earned holiday money on!

Despite this fact, booking an all-inclusive holiday is initially a little more expensive than, say, a self-catering break, but it is entirely possible to find bargain-busting deals, to lower that cost and make the whole experience not only cheaper, but less of a drama too.


Falcon Holidays, an Irish based holiday company, have come up with a very clever online tool. Think about it, when you’re looking for a hotel, do you really ever think about whether the hotel suits all of your needs, or do you simply go for what is cheaper or more central? Falcon Holidays have designed an all-inclusive holiday calculator, which allows you to not only figure out how much your holiday should really cost you, so you don’t fall foul of expensive deals dressed up as a bargain, but you also get to tailor-make it to your needs.

The calculator asks you how much you intend on drinking, both alcoholic and soft drinks, how many of you are travelling, whether you want ice creams included, and whether you want breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or just breakfast and dinner. These are all important factors which could change the cost of your holiday, so it’s important to get the right requirements for you; you’ve saved and worked hard enough for your holiday, of course it should be 100% yours.

Once you have answered these very easy questions, you are left with a figure on how much your holiday should realistically cost you, and this allows you access to important information. You can figure out whether you can truly afford the holiday at this time, and if you can, you are then left to head over to a few choices, which you can book online and spread the cost over the forthcoming weeks or even months, depending on how far ahead you’re booking.



On top of this, the list of destinations is expanding, and in partnership with Thomson Airways, Falcon are extending their destinations towards Montego Bay in Jamaica and Cancun in Mexico, using a new and extremely comfortable fleet of aircraft, via a non-stop service from Dublin Airport – no indirect flight required!

Comfort, affordability, and a holiday to remember – what could be better?

So, if you’re at all worried about the cost of your next holiday, and you have your heart set on all-inclusive, thanks to the wide range of advantages this kind of board basis gives, head to Falcon’s handy calculator, and arm yourself with the realistic knowledge you need to make your decision.

We all deserve a holiday from reality from time to time, and a little clever thinking beforehand is certainly the way to tick that box and save cash at the same time.