Survey reveals the number one luxury holiday amenity


A UK holiday has recently completed research revealing that for Brits, the number one luxury holiday is a private pool or hot tub. Blue Chip Holidays polled 1000 adults in the UK and asked them about the must have items they look for when they’re booking a luxurious holiday home.

Respondents were able to choose from a few different options or answer with something completely different, and the results were interesting. 34% said they believed that a private hot tub or pool would be their must-have luxury amenity, and this was closely followed by a private balcony or garden, with 31% of respondents agreeing that this is the most important.

14% of the people surveyed said that bringing Fido along was crucial, and needed a place that was dog-friendly, 11% loved the idea of a private chef, and 9% said that they would love an open fire or log burner.

When the results were further broken down, it was quickly evident that the ideal amenities depended on the age of the respondents, along with where they lived in the UK. When we look at the UK as a whole, a private hot tub or pool was the number one choice, but for those who were over 65 and living in Northern Ireland, they greatly preferred an open fire or log burner.

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And for people aged between 25 and 34 years old, they were equally split between the hot tub, a private garden or balcony, and a private chef.

Respondents living in Scotland who were over 65 also had a three way tie, although they were split between a place that was dog-friendly, and open fire or log burner, and a private chef. And those aged between 54 and 64 were torn between a private chef and a dog-friendly environment.

Tori Kirwan-Taylor is the Brand & Communications Manager for the holiday company Blue Chip Holidays, and she analysed the study. She said the team was very interested in seeing how the “must have item” would be different depending on both the location and the age of the holiday maker.

She went on to say that the survey hows that when it comes to luxury, everyone has different ideas about what they’d like to see and how they’d like to be treated. Tori also mentioned that this is why the company’s holiday cottages are so varied and offer something for everyone.

One thing that Tori was pleased to see, was that many people voted a private chef as a nice addition. This is because the company offers a holiday planning service to guests, and this is one of the options they can choose from.

As you can see, there are many different ideas about what constitutes a luxury holiday, and one person’s luxury often will be very different to someone else’s. For more information about the survey, be sure to read this article.