How To Measure Handlebars for Your Harley


Buying motorcycle parts online is a smart way to go, especially if you have some mechanical aptitude. In the case of new handlebars, you first will need to choose the style you want to either replace your stock handlebars or to upgrade to a fresher design. Once you decide on the style that works for you, it’s important to get the right size and fitment. This isn’t overly complicated and entails measuring the height, width and pullback dimensions for your new bars. You can do this with the original bars either on or off the bike.

Understand the Terminology

To make sure your Harley Davidson aftermarket parts fit properly it pays to understand a few terms. These terms apply to handlebar fitment, but they may apply to other situations. These are the main terms:

  • Height or Rise Height. This is measured from the lowest point on the bar’s center to the highest point on the handlebar.
  • This refers to the distance the bar ends pullback from the center line of the bar’s middle.
  • Overall Width. This is the distance from bar end to bar end.
  • Bar Diameter or Thickness. Stock handlebars on Harley motorcycles measure 1” across the outside diameter.

Knowing these dimensions allows you to choose bars that are comfortable for you. You’re looking for a riding position that feels natural for your hands, wrists and arms. The tools you need for this process include something long and straight, such as a yardstick, a piece of string with a small weight on its end and a tape measure.

Know Your Bike

The better you know your ride, the easier it is to make affordable upgrades such as buying cheap motorcycle tires. You’ll get the best deals available and save the hassle of having to reorder parts. Finding the best handlebars for your bike makes a massive difference in your daily riding and installing your own upgrades increases your satisfaction with your bike.