GTG – Gamblers Travel Guide


If you’re a gambler, you most likely have enjoyed your fair share of big, and unexpected winnings. These sudden injections of cash will often make people wonder what they should do with the money. One of the greatest things you could with your money is to spend it. Of course some of it is good to put aside in case of rainy days, but for the most part, you should just spend it and enjoy. What’s life without enjoying? It’s probably still life, but a miserable one. When we die, there isn’t a single thing that we can take with us. Not even all the saving we’ve accumulated over the course of our lives. Savings will help us maintain a good quality of life after we’ve stopped working. That’s all. There is no other benefit of saving money than the one we just described.

Okay, so, we can’t take money with us, but where should we spend it on then? Easy answer: Traveling. By traveling you’re allowing yourself to expand your mind and increase your quality of life significantly. If you’re interesting of improving your life by traveling, keep reading!

The wonderful land of opportunities – USA
Despite all the negatives revolving around USA (mostly political issues), it’s still a phenomenal place to travel. USA has one of the most unique landscapes in the whole world. Oceans, mountains, deserts, you name it, you’ll find it.

There is also a certain place a gambler would probably like to visit, if he or she is intrigued by gambling. Yup, this place doesn’t need to introduction. The Fabulous Las Vegas. Las Vegas is located in the state of Nevada and this town built in the middle of the desert if famous for being the cathedral of gambling. In Las Vegas you can do it all. You want to get married 5am in the little shed by the street? Got it. You want to sit on the roulette table for 24hrs straight and get foods and drinks delivered to you? Got it. The list of things you could do in Las Vegas is so long, that it would be easier to make a list what you CAN’T do in Vegas. We’re not going to do either of those lists, but if you ever want to spend your money for entertainment, visit Las Vegas. Please.

The beautiful history of Europe

Europe has one of the most intriguing historic events this world has ever seen. The fallen coliseums of Rome, the small mediterranean island called Malta, the endless wine fields of southern France etc. The list goes on and on. If you’re ever aiming to travel in Europe, there are several countries you could even visit on the same trip! Italy, France, Germany, Spain etc. They are all relatively close to each other, but still the cultural differences are massive. The best part? They all have phenomenal gastronomical culture with one of the greatest foods you’ve ever tasted.

Earn it, spend it

Before your spend your money, you should obviously earn it first! If you’re looking to spend your winnings from your gambling sessions, a good place to start chasing them is a site called From there you’ll find tens of different offers to boost your bankroll right from the get-go!