How Much Does Travel Really Cost? How to Make a Travel Budget


There are a few things that prevent people from traveling as much as they want to, one of them being free time and the other, and perhaps the biggest hurdle, is money. Most of us think of travel as being hugely expensive and in some regards it is. It’s certainly a luxury, something you can live without, but something that deeply enriches your life. If you have decided travel is a priority for you, the biggest challenge will be finding a way to plan your budget and to save enough money to make your trip a reality.

When you first start planning your trip, it can be somewhat impossible to guess the real costs of it. Outside of the things you can book in advance, such as flights and hotels, it can be very hard to estimate on the ground costs, especially if surprises crop up such as a Holiday Illness Claim. I personally choose to travel to cheaper countries than my home in order to stretch out my budget further, but with some clever travel planning you can be sure that you can create an appropriate budget for your dream destination.

I suggest that you take a look at this super helpful infographic which breaks down the cost of typical purchases in numerous countries around the world so you can see how the costs compare to your own. Personally I prefer to travel to countries that are cheaper than my own, but it’s possible to visit countries that are more expensive with some clever planning. Take a look at the infographic below and get planning!