3 Tips to Fit More into Your Suitcase


Whether you’re going overseas, taking a short weekend break, or trying to fit an entire family’s goods into one suitcase to save on baggage fees, getting more into your suitcase is the hidden art of travel. Packing is like a giant game of Tetris; stick the wrong shoe in the wrong spot and the whole endeavour could come undone. So, if you’re looking to get some organisation and space saving into your packing exercise, here are three tips to fit more into your suitcase.


1. Packing Cubes

Who knew it? There’s a whole industry devoted to space saving in your suitcase. Called packing cubes, these little babies make packing a breeze, separating your smalls from your shirts and your pants. Made from lightweight fabric, they are designed in a variety of sizes to house everything from T-shirts to shorts and jeans. And, once packed with clothes, packing cubes can be slotted in on top or next to each other within your suitcase.

They even come with compression zippers and clear panels for security checks. Not only do packing cubes conserve space, they allow for all items in your pack to be easily reached throughout your trip. Packing cubes are available at all good luggage stores, including online shops like Bags To Go.

If packing cubes are not on hand, consider using small vacuum bags, or even zip lock or plastic bags to separate your items and squeeze the air out of them.

2. Roll Your Clothes

Many a seasoned traveller knows the benefits of rolling instead of folding your clothes. This allows you to fit items in the tiniest of spaces. Tightly roll items such as t-shirts, jeans and shorts, and place them on the bottom of your suitcase to create a flat space. Then place items such as dress shirts, jackets and suit pants on top so they crease less. Be sure to cram underwear and socks into any available leftover spaces. You should also roll your clothing around rigid items such as hair straighteners, cameras or shavers to protect them during travel.


3. Use All Available Spaces

From expandable sections to inner and outer pockets, suitcases have a multitude of hidey-holes in which to place your items. All available spaces should be used during packing and don’t limit this mindset just to your luggage. Roll socks and place them inside your shoes, remove packaging for toiletries and disperse what you can throughout the bag. Don’t forget yourself as an available space either. Be sure to wear or carry your bulkiest clothing on board your flight. The same goes with shoes; your largest and heaviest shoes should be worn during transit.

If you pack well enough, using some space-saving techniques and a little cunning, you will create much-needed room for all those souvenirs and last-minute travel purchases. You will also have created a bag that’s more organised and easy to sort through when you arrive at your holiday or business destination. Any tips you could add? Share them in the comments below.