Having A Wonderful Honeymoon On Budget


This is a great time to travel. Airline prices are down, and resorts are offering fantastic off-season packages.

Weddings are very expensive. It is easy to spend thousands of dollars on the day. The honeymoon expense adds to that and unless you are very careful, you will go over budget. But, there are ways to cut costs, have a great wedding, and enjoy your honeymoon without breaking the banks.

It is always the extras

When people are preparing for their wedding they tend to become wasteful, and explain it with a simple sentence: “but it’s my Big Day!”

First of all, there’s probably 2 of you. Secondly, you need to consider that life doesn’t stop after your wedding either. So I would recommend to cut some unnecessary expenses of your wedding and use that money for your Honeymoon to be memorable.

Here are some ideas you can cut costs from your wedding:

  • Reduce the number of guests. If you don’t want anyone to be absent from your wedding, then invite them to the ceremony only. This way, they can greet you, you can have a little chat and share the moment, but you don’t have to pay for their menus and drinks later that night.

  • Organizing a religious wedding in a church can cost a fortune, so if religion doesn’t play an important role in your life, consider skipping this part.

  • Get a reasonably priced wedding gown. There is really no need to get a money-burning princess-style wedding gown for only one day. You’ll look just as gorgeous in a simple wedding dress.

Now that we saved some money from the wedding, it’s time to spend it wisely for your honeymoon! Traveling isn’t cheap, but there are some great ways to reduce the costs

Here are some tips to reduce the costs of a honeymoon:

  1. You don’t have to go right after your wedding day. If you are more flexible with the dates you can easily find cheap plane tickets. Try to avoid peak seasons no matter where you go, as the increased number of tourists make the prices go up big time at frequented holiday destinations.

  2. Organize the trip for yourself. Preparing for a trip together with your beloved one is a great experience. Imagine that you get to do anything you want! Both of you will love this trip, and it will be truly your own. Plus you can skip paying the agency fee.

  3. Don’t forget to look for special offers for newlyweds! Some hotels and resorts will surely give you complimentary gifts to make your honeymoon even sweeter.

  4. Find cheap but beautiful places to visit. For example, choose Thailand over Hawaii. Life in Thailand is generally much cheaper than in the US, let alone Hawaii. For significantly less amount of money, you can stay in luxurious resorts throughout Southeast Asia.

4+1 You want to save money, but you also want private time with your new spouse, and luxury, check out a private jet. If someone pays for a private jet to take them one-way to a destination, they return trip is empty. This is wasted money. But, if you book the return trip, you get a fantastic deal and the luxury of a private jet. Check with companies near you and find out where you can go. To take advantage of this deal, you need to be flexible.

As you see there are great ways to cut on expenses when you’re preparing for a wedding or organizing your honeymoon. Be aware of reducing unnecessary costs generally in your life so you can use that money reasonably. With a little bit of mindfulness and planning, you can easily make your Honeymoon the trip of your life!