5 Tips For Bike Riding In the Winter


We all love riding the best bikes for men and women: it’s nature-friendly, it’s cheaper than car payments, insurance, and filling the thing up with gas, and it’s healthy for you. The biggest bummer is when winter rolls around and ruins our fun. You want to stay safe, but you also need to get to work and get around town. Here’s what to do:

1. Stay Bundled

It seems like common sense, but the one factor that we rarely take into consideration is wind chill which will get you every time. Wind chill makes fifteen degrees feel like five degrees, unless you’ve got the right gloves, hat, and jacket on. You’ll be crisp and toasty when you get to work, even with icy winds outside.

2. Weather Reports

Look to the weather to see if it’ll be snowing when you ride. Snow can be dangerous, so be sure to stick to areas you know will be plowed properly.

3. No Curb Mounting

Even if your bike can handle it, and you can handle it, you can’t handle it. Winter gets us in ways we usually don’t think. Jack Frost is out there, so be cautious and avoid any theatrical stunts, no matter how entertaining they may be.

4. Protect Your Ride

The biggest problem with riding in the winter is ruining your bike. You love your bike, so show it some love. Use waterproof spray on your frame and anywhere else that can get rusty from road salt.

5. Be Prepared

While it’s a rarity, you should always bring some EDC along for the ride in case your bike tips over or you underestimated the conditions. Don’t be afraid to call a cab, just let them know that you’re storing your bike.

When you customize your own bike with sixthreezero; refer to these tips above, and you’ll be cruising like it’s summertime.