When Mother Nature and the Adventurous Meet: Great Apps That Make Going Outdoors Epic


The great outdoors can be so beautiful and so much fun, with epic adventures and breathtaking scenery to feast your eyes on when you head out into the country and leave the city behind.

There are also plenty of apps available that help make planning your trip and getting the most out of your outdoor pursuits, much more enjoyable, and possible safer too.


Head for the hills

Camping is a hugely popular activity for people of all ages and if you have decided to go hiking and set up camp, there are plenty of apps around that help you to plan your journey , and maybe even sleep more comfortably.


Before you set out on your adventure, it is always a great idea to get a handle on what sort of weather conditions you are likely to be facing. Download a free live weather app, and you can get it on Google Play, so that you are prepared for whatever the weather is likely to throw at you, or even to check if the sun is going to be shining for you.


Yonder is another app worth considering, as it allows you to share your experiences and hear what others suggest, when it comes to outdoor experiences.


Although Yonder is primarily a social app that allows you to interact with like-minded people who are keen to share the best camping spots and trails with you, there is also the chance to see what is worth exploring in your chosen area.


The joy of stargazing

There is no question that one of the most memorable aspects of spending a night in the great outdoors, is the chance to look up at a stunning night sky and do some stargazing.


If you want to get the most out of that activity, there is a stargazing app that allows you to use your camera as a window to the galaxy that you are viewing, by instantly annotating relevant constellations.


Obviously, this facility will be specific to your location, so with your data roaming turned on, the app will give you a quick astronomy lesson relevant to the constellations that you are gazing directly at.


It does cost to download the pocket universe app, but it should improve your knowledge as you gaze at the stars above you.


Navigation and survival

You always hope that you don’t end up getting lost or into any sort of difficulty while hiking, but it is always best to be prepared for any eventuality.

It is worth looking at some survival apps, so that you get some useful first-aid information delivered to your phone, as well as strategies on how to survive in the wild until help arrives.


You should also be able to find some navigational apps that allow you to download your chosen route offline, so that if your GPS signal goes, you still have the trail information available on your smartphone.


The main thing to remember is that if you are heading outside on an adventure, there are apps to help you every step of the way.


Elizabeth Andrews enjoys being in touch with nature. Walks along the beach, gardening, hiking and looking after her animals. She writes about her love for nature and being outdoors in her articles.