Is Teen Usage Of Medical Marijuana Still High In The States That Have Legalized Medical Marijuana?


    With the legalization of marijuana for medical use in several states, concerns had been raised that legalization would lead to an increase of medical marijuana usage in teens. This has been a major concern for states where medical marijuana delivery and consumption have become legalized, as marijuana is thought to affect cognitive development if consumed during the teen years. Fortunately, it seems that states with legalized medical marijuana delivery and consumption have not seen a drastic rise in teen consumption of the drug.

    Major Concerns: In states like California, medical marijuana is legal for use as long as one has a prescription from a licensed primary care provider. This has led to the opening of dispensaries as well as expansion of medical marijuana delivery services. A Los Angeles resident can look up services for Santa Monica marijuana delivery, or Beverly Hills marijuana delivery, and get a medical marijuana delivery the same day. Therefore, this means that teenagers can use parents’ prescriptions or other cunning methods to try and obtain medical marijuana for recreational usage.

    The Facts: Teen medical marijuana usage in states where medical marijuana delivery and consumption have been legalized has been shown to be no different after legalization. While legalization of medical marijuana delivery and consumption may not decrease teen usage, it certainly does not contribute to an increase since if usage had previously been low, it has not increased due to legalization. Conversely, there is nothing that shows a decrease in medical marijuana usage among teens.

    Time Will Tell: With more states legalizing medical marijuana delivery and consumption, and some even legalizing marijuana for recreational usage, we will soon have even more data in order to judge the effects of legalization on teen usage.

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