Best Boredom Busters for Long Airport Layovers


Traveling is fun, I mean for me personally there’s nothing more exciting than turning up to a new city or country and knowing that I will be discovering new foods, places and activities. I love it! But the truth is that there’s a few things about travel that are a little less glamorous. One of the things that I find most boring about traveling is the sheer amount of time spent in airports, especially if you have a long wait before flights. I prefer to go to the airport prepared so that time can go faster and I don’t get too bored! Here are my favourite boredom busters for long airport layovers:

1. A Book
I love reading, whether it’s fiction or self help books, I find myself getting lost between the pages and being carried off into my own world. It’s the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of an airport. I personally love paper books, but if you’re not sold, consider audiobooks or even an e-book, both of which are a little more portable than traditional books. While on holiday, according to a study by, Brits read on average of two books! Using the boring wait time while in airports is a great way to boost your read count for your holiday.
2. A Game
These days games on your phone are pretty impressive, with numerous levels and challenges to keep you entertained for hours on end. Find a game that doesn’t need to be connected to wifi, as that will ensure you can play it no matter whether you have signal or not. This is a great way to ensure that the minutes fly by – just be careful you don’t miss your flight!

3. TV Show
Addicted to Game of Thrones? House of Cards? Whatever your kind of show, make sure you have some episodes loaded on your phone or iPad so that you can get into them while you’re waiting. Netflix now lets you download episodes, too, which makes it perfect for traveling. I personally prefer watching TV shows over movies when waiting as they’re a bit smaller and it’s easier to fit them into the wait time. If you don’t finish while you’re in the lounge, don’t worry – you can finish it off on the next flight.

4. Colouring In Book
Adult colouring in books have become quite trendy in the past few years. I love them because they’re relaxing. Some of them are quite large, but there’s even some cute travel sized books you can grab to take with you. It’s a cool way to pass the time as it’s distressing but also because you’re creating some beautiful art while you wait.

Waiting in airports can be a little boring but with these simple boredom busters the time will fly by!