Why American Cars Are the Best Cars


    Since the automotive industry has become very global in recent years, it’s hard to know just what cars are truly American. Many believe that if a car is assembled outside of the U.S. it isn’t really American. If you’re looking for an American made car and want the best, there are a few things you should know. A few factors that really put these American made cars on the map for being the best can be found below. You’ll love what each one has to offer after being assembled right in the great United States of America for your driving pleasure.


    What Makes An American Car

    There are several factors that go into determining what really makes a car truly American. Some believe it’s about where you source the parts. Others think what makes the car American depends solely on the assembly location. Of course to be American a car also might need to be contain a certain amount of domestic content, or have its engine completely sourced in the U.S. And just how many jobs in the U.S. did the manufacture of one car provide Americans?


    Check Out The American Made Index

    The American Made Index has a great assembly of criteria when it comes to deciding what cars are American and what cars aren’t all that U.S. made. The index sincerely combines all of the criteria mentioned above when determining what really makes a car a true Made in America Car. That’s why these cars are the best when it comes to American Made Cars.


    The Best American Made Cars

    According to The American Made Index there are only a few truly American Cars, of the best includes brands like Jeep, Ford, Honda, and GMC. To check out which makes and models made the American cut follow the link above. You might really love what you read!