Are you overdue for a romantic break?


If you’re like most people, you probably don’t relax as much as you should, and you’re probably overdue for a romantic break.

A new survey by Blue Chip Holidays has revealed how you can be almost guaranteed a romantic holiday with your significant other. The results showed that the ideal location for romance is a holiday cottage tucked away somewhere secluded, with a hot tub, log burning fire, ideal stargazing conditions, great view, four poster bed, and pet friendliness for those who take their pooch on holiday with them.

2,050 adults were surveyed in the UK, with the first question asking whether or not they were in a relationship. Those who were in a relationship, or interested in one, were asked what the look for in a romantic holiday in the UK.


More than 50% of respondents said their ideal location was secluded, and when it came to must-have amenities for romance, this was quickly followed by a log burning fire and a hot tub.

In fact, when it came to must-haves for a romantic getaway, 54% of people said a secluded location was the most important thing, followed by 48% who said a log burning fire was the best way to ensure romance. 37% of people said that somewhere with their own hot tub was crucial, followed closely by somewhere to stargaze at 34%. A four poster bed was important to 23% of people, and a great view scored surprisingly low at 18%. Only 10% of people thought it was important that the location was dog-friendly.

Many of the people who were surveyed said it was important that the location was both peaceful, and away from children- always good for romance and alone time with your significant other.


Blue Chip’s brand and communications manager, Tori Kirwan-Taylor said that they wanted to see what it is that people look for on a romantic break, and called it “interesting” that so many people want to stay somewhere secluded, get away from it all and take a break from life’s hustle and bustle. Lodges and holiday cottages are perfect for this, since you’ll be surrounded by people in a hotel and will often feel like you’re not getting any alone time.

She added that a hot tub and log burning fire are “a must for many people”, and said she’s not surprised that many people see these as requirements for a romantic holiday. Tori also found it unsurprising that couples are looking for people who want a location suitable for dogs, since they often consider them to be part of the family and don’t want them to be left behind- even if only for a few nights.

For more information about the survey, this article goes into detail about the results, which are an eye-opener for anyone looking to get away for a romantic break sometime soon.

Even a weekend away can reignite the romance in your life, so don’t leave it too late!