Top 7 Activities to Try When You’re On Holiday with the Family


A family holiday can be both fun and exhausting. With the right approach it can also be hugely satisfying for all of you as well.

Choosing the right things to do while away on a break is the key to having a fantastic time, but getting it wrong can lead to a disastrous holiday for all of you. You don’t the kids to be bored but you don’t want them to get hurt doing some dangerous either.

Bearing that in mind, the following are some of the top ideas for family activity holidays worth taking a look at for your next trip.


Go Swimming

Heading to the beach is a classic way of enjoying the sun in a family group trip to somewhere warm by the coast. However, it doesn’t have to just be about lying there on the sand all day and getting a tan, does it?

If you go to place with a safe swimming zone then getting in the water together can be tremendous fun for all of you. Of course, if anyone in the family isn’t completely confident in the water then some swimming lessons before leaving home could be ideal.

Away from the beach, hotel swimming pools, lakes and rivers also often offer great places to swim. Just be sure to check that it is safe to do this wherever you go.

Get Out on a Bike

Cycling is another fun activity that the whole family can get a lot of enjoyment out of when you carry it out with them all while you are away. No matter where you go in the world you are likely to find some suitable trails or roads which you can explore on your bikes at the pace that best suits you all.

Many hotels or travel agencies can easily arrange bike hire for you, with it sometimes even being included for free as part of the holiday. You will want to ask for a map as well and maybe take a packed lunch out with you.

This is an adventurous sort of family activity but if there are young children in the group then just a short ride to a nearby park or somewhere similar can be a safe but still enjoyable option. Of course, if you are somewhere amazing like the French Alps then you could opt for a far more exciting ride.

 Take a Boat Ride

We have already looked at the idea of swimming but there are many other ways of enjoying the water without even getting wet. For example, you could hire a pedal boat or rowing boat and head out for some action in this way, with rowing a boat being a surprisingly easy task once you get started.

A lake or calm bay if perfect for doing this, as it will be easier if you have never been in control of a boat before. If you are going to do it on the open sea then you will want to be very careful not to get too far from the shore.

Going on a boat trip with someone else in control is a bit less exciting but may be a smarter move if there are young kids in the group to be looked after. Some cruises and boat trips even give you a chance to explore a local island or caves during them.


Go For an Interesting Walk

Sometimes the oldest and simplest ideas are definitely still the best ones. This is certainly true on most family trips when you want to make the most of your time without getting stressed out or worried.

In many cases, just heading out from your hotel for a walk together can be the best way of enjoying a fun activity together. It is great exercise for everyone and it also allows you to see more of the area where you are staying.

A smart move is to ask in your hotel or local tourism center about local trails or paths that are popular on walking holidays. There are sure to be some good options that are worth exploring and that make your day far more memorable.

Some Quad Bike Excitement

For families with older kids a bit of quad bike excitement could be perfect for an action-packed day out doing something completely different. This is the kind of thrilling activity that maybe no-one in the group has ever tried before and would love to try out for the first time.

You will want to check what age limits are in force for the use of the quad bikes before building up everyone’s hopes, though. For safety reasons you will often find that children under the age of 13 won’t be able to ride one, while the limit could be higher by law in some places.

This sort of activity can sometimes be enjoyed as part of a group outing with a guide and a number of other riders too. Riding over dunes, on trails, and along the beach are just some of the ways that you can get a kick out of using a quad bike.

Windsurfing for Pleasure

The wonderful sport of windsurfing is usually enjoyed by adults rather than kids. However, there is no reason that you can’t all get a memorable day out doing this.

There is no strict age limit in place for windsurfing and it is not unknown for a child of 5 or 6 to give it a try. However, it really comes down to the attitude, attention span and strength of each individual kid.

If you can find a friendly teacher who is happy to give lessons to all of you then you can all enjoy getting started on an amazing outdoor activity at the same time.


Skiing for All the Family

Another interesting sport that the whole family can enjoy is skiing. As with windsurfing, there is no strict age restriction to bear in mind. It is possible to get lessons for youngsters who are as little as 3 or 4 years old, for instance.

Again, it really comes down to the child in question and how their parents feel that they would cope with learning a fairly tricky new sport like this. Certainly, getting a good, experienced instructor give them lessons would be vital for younger skiers.

Another factor to bear in mind here is that different ski resorts are aimed at different groups. While some are regarded as lively party destinations, there are many others where family groups would feel very comfortable.

Any family trip away can turn into an incredible adventure when you put some thought into the activities that you could all carry out together. This means that thrilling holidays with unforgettable days of exciting moments is easier to arrange than you might think.