Amazing Australia: Three Places to Add to Your Bucket List


Australia is enchanting. A land of sprawling scrubland, crystalline seas, and open spaces that seem to stretch forever, it is a country that you could spend your whole life exploring without having seen half of its most magical places.

Yet there are some sites that you simply can’t afford to live without seeing. From magical underwater worlds to hidden pools, mountains that tower in the space between earth and sky, secret bush trails, and little known paradises, these three spots have to be seen to be believed.


#1: The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is an underwater idyll, and this paradise is a place that everyone should visit. Counted amongst the Seven Wonders of the World, its brightly coloured botanical delights and thriving sea life stretch across 2000km. A gargantuan example of nature’s beauty, it is the only living thing visible from space, so to live without seeing it yourself would be utterly criminal. Dive down through Australia’s crystalline seas to one of its fantastic underwater sites to see it in all of its glory.


#2: Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park is a truly paradisiacal place, and one of the great wonders nestled amongst Australia’s sprawling landscape. Filled with narrow, towering gorges, secret pools, and exquisitely beautiful waterfalls, it is a haven of red ranges and secluded chasms. It offers a perfect playground for the adventurous, alongside the unique chance to see kangaroos, wallabies, and endangered olive pythons in their natural habitat. Looming over it all are the park’s three great behemoths: Mount Meharry, Mount Bruce, and Mount Frederick. Visit Karijini to discover the stunning secrets that lie in their shadows, and you’re sure to come away with memories that you’ll never forget.


#3: The Great Ocean Road

Your final stop on your bucket list tour should be Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Famed for its exquisite landscapes, scene-stealing views, and unbelievable beauty, this well-worn trail offers a dazzling, heartbreakingly lovely, 150-mile drive along the edge of Australia. Culminating at the legendary Twelve Apostles – towering limestone pillars that rise up out of the sea like biblical leviathans – the road ends in a landscape of pale cliffs, crashing waves, and stark, bare-faced glorious nature. To see it is to transcend the minutiae of everyday living and revel in the sheer, simple beauty of life.

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