How to create a profitable travel website


The coming of the Internet has opened limitless possibilities for people to explore their passions while making a living at the same time. While running a travel agency, we need to advertise our services beyond our physical borders. We need to appeal to potential clients to sample and enjoy our services and at the same time inform our customers on our new services. With high traffic on our website, we can generate income in two ways; revenue from customers enjoying your services and advertisements on your site. In this article, we outline strategies that would be put in place to ensure that your website is profitable.


Identify your niche

The travel industry is consistently growing. Therefore, it is important to ensure that we identify an area that would give us an advantage over competitors. This requires hard work, passion, and determination. The first step is to stick to one area that you understand plainly well. For example, you may decide to set up a website and talk about boat travel rather family trip.

When choosing a niche, there are fundamental questions you need to ask yourself. Do you enjoy your niche? How well do you understand what you are writing about? Is the general public interest in the niche increasing? What are some of the aspects your competitors missing from their website?

Create a clever name

The great question asked is, what is in a name? For a travel site, it is important to identify and use a name that resonates well with your potential clients. The naming of the website should come immediately after identification of its niche. The name of your website should be short, memorable and catchy. To avoid duplication, ensure that a name you choose does not exist and is not in use. The name identification process demands that you should be creative to come up with a name that would make an impact. Use all available options to in coming up with the name. You are free to consult as wide as possible.

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Host your website

For you to have your website online, it is a MUST that you host it. Web hosting ensures that your website goes “live” and can be accessed by clients from any location over the Internet. It is not expensive to host a website. Some companies would do it for as little as $2 per month. A web hosting company will provide you with the bandwidth to ensure your website is accessible to your clients and followers. They also provide storage space for your images, text (emails) and software. A host will also provide you with support services to ensure your website downtime rate is reduced.

It is prudent to undertake research before you decide to host your website. You need to research and identify a host that will provide you with many benefits, regarding costs, space, quiet downtime, etc. Conducting due diligence ensures you derive maximum utility from your website hence more profitability.

Integrate social media plugins

Being active on social media ensures your website reaches out to a wider audience. Some social media plugins that are commonly used includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. The social media plugins enables you to insert the social media icons on to your website and enable users to share posts you have made. Accessibility for social media accounts should be provided to your readers and audience. With this in place, you can ensure all social media users are happy and are regularly updated on any activity on your website.

Develop appealing content

Once you have identified your niche, got a good name and hosted your website, it is now time to start writing content to be consumed by your readers. Content is what appeals readers and nothing less. This is what draws traffic to your website. It is the reason why many people will visit your website or avoid it. When content is appealing, traffic will be high, else there will be few visitors to the website.

You need to engage your readers by writing about your experiences rather than providing general information they can easily find anywhere. Personalize your comments and allow your personality to come out clearly. Keep your comments brief because most readers do not have enough time to read through your website posts. While running your website, add value to your content by providing practical examples, involving readers by asking them to take a poll online, suggest that during their free time they read more. Finally, be consistent with your posts and content. You need to ensure that you create a schedule on when you will deliver new content. Stick with the program and don’t fail your readers.


Get perfect pictures

Great photos are the major ingredients for travel websites. Your readers need to experience what you are telling them through the pictures. When traveling across the world, capture outstanding photos consistently and share with your readers. You need to consider investing in purchasing a good camera which takes incredible pictures. In some cases, you may need to spend resources and enroll for photography classes to deliver breath-taking and classy pictures. This would be the selling point for your website.

Strategize to make money

Before you think about making money, you need to ensure that you have religiously followed the step mentioned above. Money is a reward for strictly following the outlined steps above. You need to establish your website and ensure that the website is attracting traffic. You can make money by using contextual marketing, affiliate opportunities, sale merchandise, and consulting, etc. There are so many possibilities that may be used to earn money from a website.


Setting up a profitable website is not a difficult thing if the processes mentioned above are adhered to. Failure to attract will lead to tragic effects for the website. As mentioned above, you need to carefully identify a niche that would give you advantage over competitors while at the same time allowing you generate income from the same.