Why the Amalfi Coast Should Be on Your Bucket List


Have you been dreaming of an Italian holiday? The Amalfi Coast symbolises the pinnacle of Italian indulgence with its stunning landscape and one of the most exquisite stretches of coastline in the world. In addition to its incomparable beauty, the Amalfi Coast offers plenty of things to do and see for travellers. Here’s why it should be on your bucket list.


The Rich History

In sharp contrast to its current status as a luxurious tourist attraction, the Amalfi Coast was once a stronghold of naval power in the Mediterranean. Over the course of its rich history, the area has been occupied by the Romans, the Greeks, and the Normans, and it was once a part of the Kingdom of Sicily, a powerful state that ruled Southern Italy. For a couple of hundred years, it was even its own independent republic. To explore this storied history, consider travelling to the Amalfi Coast with a tour company like Albatross Tours, who offer tourists the opportunity to not only revel in the region’s naturally beautiful landscape but also its colourful past.

Its Natural Beauty

Located in Southern Italy, on the tip of the Sorrentine Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast is home to a strikingly diverse landscape. Positioned on a steep slope, the coast has remained relatively untouched by agricultural development, allowing its natural beauty to thrive. The glittering coastline gives way to sheer cliffs and wild vegetation with rugged crags of rock mixing with lush forest. Lined with picturesque beaches, quaint villas and hiking trails, the Amalfi Coast’s landscape caters to every kind of traveller. With warm summers and none of the bitter cold associated with some areas of Europe during winter, the Amalfi Coast’s climate is welcoming year round, making it the ultimate bucket list destination.


Delicious Food

The Amalfi Coast’s wide variety of Italian delicacies should be reason enough to put it at the top of your travel bucket list. Renowned for its cafes and restaurants, the region is home to some of the finest eateries in all of Italy. Not only can travellers feast on traditional Italian meals such as pizza and pasta; the Amalfi Coast also excels at seafood dishes. Anchovies are considered to be a speciality of the Amalfi Coast, where they are most commonly served with spaghetti and onions. For travellers with a sweet tooth, delizia al limone is a favorite of Amalfi locals, favored for its tasty lemon flavor and delicious pastry.

Prime Location

The Amalfi Coast is just one of Southern Italy’s many celebrated tourist destinations. Naples, the country’s third largest city, is just over an hour’s drive from the Amalfi Coast. Famous for its art culture and museums, Naples is often used as gateway to Italy’s coastal towns, but it is well worth exploring for travellers staying in the region. Pompeii is also easily accessible from the Amalfi Coast, with many tourists choosing to take day trips to visit the famous ruins.

Whether you want to immerse yourself in Italian culture or simply embrace the luxurious surroundings, the Amalfi Coast has something for everyone. Will you be adding the Amalfi Coast to you bucket list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.