Water proof trousers a travel and a home essential


In my years of travel there is one piece of clothing equipment I can’t quite go without, and that is waterproof trousers. Whilst some may think of them as daggy, waterproof trousers are an essential item not only for travel but also around the home. But be sure you select the appropriate ones. They will come in hand for work, travel and any outdoor sport, especially if you live in a particularly cold and damp climate. Here’s why I think you should add them as an essential item to your wardrobe today and what to look out for when buying a pair.


Uses of waterproof trousers

Waterproof trousers for me have got the most use when I have been travelling abroad. The come especially in handy when doing treks or even day hikes and the weather hasn’t worked out in our favour. The most use I got out of them was in my trek to Everest base camp. They come in handy not just in cold weather but hot weather too. I lived in waterproof trousers when I was motor biking around Vietnam in the rainy season. However you don’t just need them when travelling and they have many uses at home. If you do ride a motorcycle then you will definitely want a pair, or if it snows and rains a lot in the winter in your home town. There is nothing worse then needing to go outside in the cold snow or wet rain and not having the right protective gear on.

How to pick the right ones?

Depending on the climate will depend on the type of pair you buy. If you will be using them in the cold then perhaps you would want waterproof trousers that also have a fleece lining for extra warmth. For warmer climates you will want the trousers to be more breathable and just an outer shell should be enough. Same for on the motorbike an outer shell will be handy for slipping over your other trousers. Either way you want the waterproof trousers to keep the lower part of the body dry whilst still allowing the skin to breathe. A key thing to look out for when shopping is the seam, whilst some trousers have had the fabric protected there isn’t extra protection on the seams, which means water and dampness can still get in. If you are buying the trousers as an outer shell then sometimes it helps to go up one size so you have room for trousers underneath.  If you do have different requirements from them then you may need to buy a few pairs to match your different needs.