Traveling the World in the Van


It’s a dream for many people. Packing up their things, selling the stuff they don’t need, putting the house on the market (or renting it out) and traveling the world in a van.

Many people are surprised by just how impressive these vans can be. Expecting old, tiny vans crammed with stuff, they’re often surprised by how spacious the newer vans are, how much storage they have, and how equipped they are for long-term travel.

When it comes to long term van hire, you’d be surprised by just how affordable it can be. With a van travellers have both accommodation sorted, and the freedom to go anywhere they want.


Traveling the world in a van means you can get out of the big cities, and explore small towns and national parks. You’re likely to meet many other people who are also doing the same thing, and may end up with friends from around the world. Many countries have excellent campground facilities where you can drive up, charge the van, and if your van doesn’t have a shower you can take advantage of a hot shower for just a few dollars. If your van has a shower but it isn’t great, read this.

Interestingly, more and more people are hiring vans long-term, taking the kids out of school, and homeschooling them, and traveling as a family. In fact, this is one of the best ways to teach your kids about the world, introduce them to new cultures, and spend time together as a family during their defining years. Your kids will make friends with kids their own age from other countries, and may also find themselves adding them on Facebook, emailing them, and keeping in touch over the years until they’re old enough to visit each other by themselves.

When traveling in a van long-term, it’s important to remember not to pack too much stuff. Space will be at a premium regardless of how large your van is, and the more stuff you have taking up space, the more arguments you’re likely to have with your family or significant other. Almost everything you need can be found overseas, and if you don’t find it you’ll learn to live without it, and probably won’t even end up noticing it’s gone.


Make sure you take travel insurance, in case you get into an accident or someone breaks into your van overseas. Never leave valuables visible in the van, and be careful where you park it if you’ll be away for longer than a few hours. It’s also a good idea to ensure you know the emergency number of the countries you’re traveling through.

Traveling the world in a van will be one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do. The freedom of the open road will allow you to experience the world in a unique way, and get off the beaten path. Instead of being trapped in tourists destinations, you’ll get to visit less-known places and have more authentic experiences.