Top Things to do in Goa


Goa has become a very popular tourist spot in India and has many different things on offer. The thing I loved about Goa the most is you can party up a storm if you want, or go and relax with some beach time and yoga. It even has many cultural spots to soak in. What ever your after, Goa has something for everyone. There are lots of ways you can choose to visit Goa, either just with plain flights, or buy booking a holiday package. Some of the offers available on are really good value, so be sure to check them out before you book your holiday to Goa!

Here are my top things to do whilst visiting there.


1. Relax and wind down with some yoga. You can either go and take casual classes at one of the many many yoga studios, or go all out and do a full yoga retreat. It’s almost overwhelming in Goa how many options you have to chose from when it comes to yoga.

2. Enjoy a tropical island holiday. Don’t stress too much about doing a million different things. The best thing about Goa is that if you want you can just sit back and enjoy Goa itself. The beaches are out of a postcard with turquoise water and white sand. So grab a towel, a good book, and your sunhat then sit back and relax.

3. Get wet with all the watersports on offer. Having so many beaches, Goa has become an adventurer’s heaven when it comes to water sports. Go diving in one of the many beautiful dive spots or if being above the water is more your thing, then you can enjoy waterskiing, parasailing, windsurfing, and jet skiing.

4. If you feel like adding in some culture to your trip you can hike to one of the few forts in Goa. To get a spectacular panorama views head to the fort at the top of Vagator beach.


5. Party up a storm in North Goa. If partying is your things then head to North Goa where you will be able to let your hair down and dance the night away in one of the many busy nightclubs.

6. If you want to explore some religious sites then Old Goa is the place to visit, offering both old churches and temples. The churches were built in the colonial era and offer stunning architecture. In fact the capital of Goa, Panjim, used to be called the “Rome of the East”.

7. Shop up a storm in the local market place and enjoy the cheap prices. The Anjuna flea market is a famous market amongst shoppers in Goa where you can find an array of stuff from ethnic clothing and jewelry to fun homeware and souvenirs.