Top health concerns for travelers


When you are preparing for a vacation, you make sure that you pack your camera, your sunglasses, and your best walking shoes. You alert your credit card company and your bank and get foreign currency, but have you prepared for your health? There are several health concerns that you should take care of before and during your trip.


Airplane germs

Airplanes are notorious for their dry air, which is filled with other people’s germs. However, it’s really the surfaces that you have to watch out for. Be sure to wash your hands after touching seat cushions, and wipe down the tray table and remote before using them.

New air

One thing that travelers may not think about is the variation in air density and quality throughout the world. You can face thinner air in mountains, or pollution in densely populated areas. For thin air, keep your activity low-key until your body adjusts to the difference. If pollution or mildew is a problem, you may need to bring allergy pills, eye drops, or nasal sprays, or wear a face mask. Neti pots are great at keeping sinuses clear.

See it all

If you spend time researching vision problems that can arise while traveling, you’ll realize that one of the biggest issues is what you’ll do if you lose your eyewear. Not only would it limit your ability to see the Eiffel Tower, but it could also keep you from driving to your next destination or delay your trip while you get them replaced. Laser eye surgery is a fantastic way to avoid these issues entirely. With 20/20 vision, you can focus on seeing the sights, not an emergency eye doctor.


Food and drink

Sometimes, food preparation in foreign countries is a bit dicey. For many people, taking Pepto-Bismal for the first couple of days after they arrive helps their stomach adapt to the dietary changes. Staying well hydrated will also keep your system in better working order.


You may not think about your teeth when preparing for a trip, but have you ever thought about having to find a dentist if something goes wrong? Save yourself the drama and get a current check-up to make sure that there are no potential issues such as cavities hiding out in your back molar.

Vaccines and medicine

Some countries require special vaccines before you can enter their borders. Be sure to check as soon you book your trip, and follow whatever timetable is required. You should also make sure that you have enough doses of any prescription drugs you are using, and don’t forget to pack them in your carry-on luggage.


Travel is tiring. Carrying luggage, standing in lines, using strange transportation, and then sightseeing all make unusual demands on your body. Prepare for these physical activities by starting an exercise routine to build endurance and strength. It will make your trip logistics much easier to manage.

Your vacation is a special time to escape and enjoy life. Make sure that you are fully prepared for every aspect of your trip, including keeping healthy.