Top 5 Tips to Make Sure Your Pet is Cared for While You’re Traveling


If you’re planning to take a trip but also want to make sure your pet is cared for and happy while you’re away, we’ve got some tips to help. Here are the top 5 tips to make sure your pet is cared for while you’re traveling:

1. Keep them somewhere familiar

Most vets agree that pets are happier staying at home and tend to respond better to a new carer than a new environment. For this reason, one of the best things you can do is find a trusted at-home solution like a pet sitter who can look after your pet while you’re away.

One of the great things about pet sitting services? If you love pets and you’re looking for a little extra money, you can even become a pet sitter yourself. Check out this sitter sign-up page to learn more.

2. Keep their routine the same

Another great way to keep your pets happy while you’re travelling? Make sure their daily routine is the same. Pets are interested in the little things. They want to know that when their pet sitter wakes up, they’ll be given breakfast and they can then lay on their favorite rug all morning.

Most importantly, they need to know that they have someone to give them the affection and love they’re used to. Give your pet carer a loose schedule for your pet so that their routine can stay as uninterrupted as possible.

3. Leave quietly

It can be difficult to say goodbye to your pet before travelling, and it’s common to give lots of love and affection. You may think that this reassures your pet that you’ll be home soon. But since this isn’t your usual behavior, it can make your pet confused and anxious.

Try to stay calm and not fuss too much. This will help your pets stay relaxed as you leave.

4. Leave your scent

Leaving a few items of used clothing, like your favorite jersey or dressing gown close to where your pet likes to hang out can reassure them while you’re away from home. IN fact, studies have shown that dogs process their owner’s smell in the reward center of their brains.

5. Keep them busy

Playing will stimulate mental and physical health, encourage bonding and teach social skills for both cats and dogs. Make sure your pet has enough toys to keep them occupied, and a playmate to have fun with while you’re travelling.

If you’re using a pet sitter, leave a list of their favorite treats, toys, and tricks.

With the above tips, you can ensure that you can have an amazing time traveling, without worrying about your pet.

Have you got a pet? What are your top tips for traveling? Leave a comment below to let us know!