Top 5 Luxurious Things to do in Dubai


Dubai is one of those places on Earth where there’s an abudance of luxury. With its rapid economic rise, Dubai has somehow managed to become one of the greatest places on Earth both when it comes to doing business and when it comes to spending your leisure time in full luxury. If you plan on visiting Dubai soon (or if you dream of doing so at some point in the future), you will definitely want to read about the following luxurious things to do there. You’ll be spoiled for places to stay in Dubai, as well, with the Royal Mirage Dubai with Elegant Resorts being an outstanding, luxurious option.


Take a Bateaux Dubai Cruise

Dubai is a place surrounded by water, so it will only come natural that the best way to experience its magnificence will be, well, on water. A luxurious Dubai cruise will take you away from all your mundane problems and it will lead you to a place where everything is just perfect. You will be picked up from your hotel and led to the boat itself, from which you will be able to enjoy all the marvellous wonders of Dubai.

Pamper Yourself at the ShuiQi Spa

Spas are, in general, a luxury experience, but when they are in Dubai, the people taking care of your skin there have 150 years of experience behind them and it all happens on Earth’s most stunning man-made isle, it will all feel like you were just dropped in a perfectly serene and overwhelmingly beautiful place.

Shopping Spree at the Mall

Dubai is, as mentioned, a luxurious destination, regardless of how you look at it. It is only normal thus that its Mall will be as luxurious as everything surrounding it. If you are into shopping and you want to spend your money on the highest quality possible, then the Dubai Mall is the place you should hit before you take off and get back home.


Dine at Burj al Arab

There is no Dubai without Burj al Arab and there is no Burj al Arab without Dubai. The two of them go hand in hand and if you truly want to experience the best of the best, la crème de la crème of what Dubai has to offer, then a dinner (or at least a cup of tea) at Burj al Arab will satisfy your craving for luxury and perfection.

Go on a Luxury Safari

Bet you did not think that a safari could be luxurious! Yet, Dubai proves, once again, that it does have everything your heart may dream of. Taking a trip into the Dubai desert will be one of the most overwhelming experiences in your life and not just because of the mesmerising sand dunes, but also because of the entire luxury experience you will have there.

Of course, almost everything in Dubai can be considered to be luxurious – even a walk in the park. And this is so precisely because this place has been built on beauty, luxury and perfection. It is absolutely impossible to find a flaw in this city if you’re looking for a very special and comfortable holiday destination.