Top 10 Tips For Taking a Caravan Holiday


If you’re planning a caravanning holiday this year, then be sure to read on to discover our top ten tips for making your holiday a success.

Plan ahead and make a list

To ensure you get the most of your holiday, plan ahead and book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Preparation is important when planning a caravan holiday, so make a list and check it twice – at least.

Consider your location

Do your research to find a location that suits your group. Most caravan sites, like Mann’s Holidays, come with either a rural or a beachside location. Consider if your caravan is standing alone in a rural location or conversely is it on a larger site, with other campers nearby? Envisage what you want from your holiday and book accordingly.

Consider the facilities

Is it more important for you to get away from it all or do you want more facilities onsite and amenities nearby? Consider the facilities available at your chosen site and see if they meet the needs of your entire group.


Check there’s enough room

The bijou charm of a caravanning holiday is part of the attraction – but ensure there is enough space (and beds) for everyone.

Want to take your dog?

Don’t want to leave your much-loved family pet behind? Then check that the site you’re visiting is pet-friendly.

Check what’s included in your stay

To avoid disappointment, ensure you understand what is and isn’t included in your holiday fee.

Weather check

Check the weather and consider the time of year you’re holidaying. Take appropriate clothing and make sure you pack your wellies and a torch or two.

Meal times

Consider how much you want to cook for yourself, what other options are available nearby and what you’ll need to take with you.

Never been on a caravan holiday before? Search online, and you’ll find lots of suggestions for cooking on a caravan holiday, with scrambled eggs a favourite standby.

Taking your caravan?

If you’re taking your caravan, rather than renting one, then ensure all of your maintenance is up to date. From tyres to the battery, the water system to the electrics, check it is all working as it should be. Consider if it is time for a professional service and find your local, approved workshop in good time.

Then, before you set off on your holiday, ensure you have everything you need and check it’s all packed safely and securely for the journey.

Considering investing in a caravan?

If you’re considering purchasing a caravan so that you can go off on the open road – then look up ‘caravanning for beginners’ courses to set you off on the right track. Also, join a caravanning club for access to lots of helpful information for beginners or subscribe to a caravanning magazine for tips on the inside track on your new pastime.

We hope you’ve found these hints and tips useful and that you’ll enjoy your next caravanning holiday to the full.