To DIY or Not to DIY? When to Take Your Motorcycle to the Shop


If you’re like most people, you don’t like to pay professionals to do work that you can do yourself. OEM parts for motorcycles are readily available for your bike. You may think paying a shop to fix your bike is too expensive. If you’re trying to decide whether to make that repair yourself or take it to a shop, consider these things.

Evaluate Your Skills

It can be hard to admit you can’t do something, but you’re going to have to be honest with yourself. Get out the service manual for your bike and find the procedure for the repair. Read it through and see if you understand it. If you can visualize the process, it might be a DIY project. Keep in mind, that if you fail to complete the repair, you’ll have to call in a professional anyways. It could cost you much more time and money than you want to put in.

Do You Have the Equipment?

It’s easier than ever to buy aftermarket motorcycle parts. Often, it’s the tools that are missing. Before you start making a repair, delve into your toolbox to make sure that you have the specialized tools that might be necessary. Some tools can be quite expensive for a one-time repair. Are you willing to buy the equipment you need to make the repair? You should also consider the space you have to work. Can you secure the bike if you have to leave it while you’re finishing the repair?

What’s Important to You?

Make a good judgement about whether you should DIY or not. Consider that a professional can probably do the repair quicker than you could. Having experts do the work for you will give you more time to ride. If you just love to work on your bike and have the ambition, knowledge, space and time, do the repairs.

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