Tips for traveling to Florida with kids


Planning a family trip to Florida? Good idea. Florida is jam-packed with attractions for the whole family, and there are few destinations as kid-friendly as this state. However, like any trip, a vacation to Florida requires some planning if you’re taking children. Here are some top tips if you’re planning to head to Florida with your kids:

Hire a car

Sure, it’s possible to get around without a car in Florida, although I really wouldn’t recommend it unless you like long bus rides, uncomfortable shuttles, and tantrums. Your best bet is to rent a car in Orlando, especially if you’re planning to hit the theme parks. While there are options for public transport to the parks, this isn’t a great idea if you have small children, since you’ll need to work with the shuttle and bus schedules instead of your kids’ naps. If you have a car, you can simply arrive and leave whenever you want, and can even split up if one of your kids is having a meltdown.

Stick to a schedule

With so many things to do and see in Florida, it can be tempting to try and fit them all in. However, this is a recipe for disaster, as you’ll probably end up with tired, grumpy kids who are at the end of their patience. Instead, try to keep their schedules as close to home as possible. Get up around the same time, schedule in an activity, and then break for lunch. Keep nap times the same, and spend enough time in each place that the kids don’t feel rushed. 

You can save time traveling by renting a car in Miami as it allows you to see more of the state, since you can easily drive four hours south to Miami, and you’ll have the freedom to get off the beaten path.

Plan ahead

While it’s nice to turn up and see what happens, this doesn’t work well when you’re traveling with kids. Do your research well in advance, so you can book theme park tickets, hire your car, and get reservations for the restaurants you’d like to visit. That way, you won’t miss out on the activities you really want to do, and you can see whether you can fit each activity in.

Look online to check the ratings for each activity you’re planning. See if they’re age-appropriate for your kids, and how long people typically spend in each place. This will help your vacation go much more smoothly.