Tips for senior travellers


Getting on in age doesn’t have to hold you back from living an exciting life with lots of travel. This blog post will give you some top tips for travelling the world comfortably at any age.

Here are some top tips for senior travellers:

Take Travel Insurance

We all need travel insurance, but it’s truly essential if you’re an older traveller since you’re more at risk of having a fall and hurting yourself, needing extra medication, or getting sick. There’s nothing worse than being somewhere foreign and finding yourself in a scary or difficult situation without the backup of a travel insurance company. Getting insurance coverage will often only be a few hundred dollars- well worth covering yourself for everything from a lost passport to emergency surgery abroad.


Pack light

When you’re packing light, you’ll feel younger- a light load is much easier to manage than heavy bags. Take fewer clothes and simply commit to doing laundry a little more often. Go carry on whenever possible, and don’t forget things like an extra pair of glasses, a notebook, a map, or anything else you may need to feel comfortable abroad.

Book the right accommodation

Some hotels are much better than others when it comes to facilities and services for seniors. Consider your location carefully- the city center may cost more but it’s a convenient place if you like to take a nap or a rest between seeing sights. Ask about the accessibility before you book- particularly if you find you can get up and down easier with a stairlift.

Take the discounts

Many countries around the world have dedicated discounts for senior citizens. Even if you don’t see information posted, be sure to ask if there are any discounts included for those over a certain age. In many parts of Europe, seniors get great deals on rail tickets. You may also be able to get excellent discount on tours and attractions.

Do smart sightseeing

Don’t try to do everything in one go. It can be tempting to pack in as much as you can within a few days, but this is a good way to end up exhausted and burnt out. Take advantage of elevators and benches in museums and rest your feet. There are also great bus tours that allow you to have a comfortable seat while seeing the city. If you have a very active day of sightseeing planned, consider following it up with a nice quiet day so you can rest and recharge.