Skip New York and Visit New Jersey Instead


New York is beautiful, isn’t it? The huge buildings, the historic landscape, the broadway shows, and the streets just teeming with tourists. If you fancy somewhere a bit more authentically American, it might be worth a visit a little further south to New Jersey. Famous for the pier, Atlantic City, the Statue of Liberty, and a vibrant Italian American community, New Jersey is New York’s secret rival.


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Start your trip with a ferry around the Statue of Liberty, and get all the tourist photos you fancy. Take in the sight which many immigrants will have been greeted with as they left war torn countries behind for the new hopes of America. Spend your afternoon on one of the many New Jersey beaches, eating at one of the many classic New Jersey restaurants along the boardwalk. The museum of art is worth a visit for a relaxing afternoon.

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If you’re lucky enough to visit during NHL season, you might be able to catch a Devils game at the Prudential centre. The Devils are currently 50/1 to win the Eastern conference, and you might just catch a surprising game from the team. The Devils play the New York Rangers in the “Battle of the Hudson River”, a derby with a longstanding rivalry, and is often the main event of the season for many fans.

If you fancy some razzle dazzle, Atlantic City is New Jersey’s answer to Las Vegas. Dotted with high rise buildings an glitzy hotels, it’s a must for anyone who enjoys a bit of the high life. Whilst Vegas is known as the epicentre for gambling and large budget shows, Atlantic City gives it a run for its money, whilst retaining the vintage chic and good hospitality that New Jersey has become renowned for. You might want to visit soon however, because it is tipped as one of one of 31 cities in the USA which are likely to be underwater in the near future. Visit in early October for the Atlantic City comedy festival, which gives a shot to new comedians and welcomes established comedians alike.


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Eating in New Jersey is about comfort food and utilising local produce. Take a trip to one of the many locally run restaurants to experience locally caught fresh swordfish, or munch on shellfish as you wander along the boardwalk. The melting pot of immigrant history in New Jersey ensures a variety of flavours and cuisines, and makes New Jersey a really special place to eat. If you’re visiting North Jersey, a hot dog is a must, and anywhere in New Jersey, you’ll want to try Tomato Pie, which unlike a traditional pizza is made with the cheese placed directly on the dough, with the toppings on top,¬†and finally finished with the tomato sauce.

With a renowned art museum, a strong NHL tradition, lots of parks to walk in and great local food, New Jersey makes for an interesting alternative to New York, or maybe even a trip alongside. You could do a road trip around the state or visit particular places as part of your visit, and feel smug in the knowledge that you’ve visited an All American state.