Six Dating Recommendations for Frequent Travelers


In the modern world, traveling is a widespread lifestyle. People travel for years, diligently compiling knowledge about different places, happenings, cultures. They say that only through journeys one can understand his or her own purpose and destination. And who are we to argue?

However, prolonged expeditions can make you feel quite lonesome. Well, if you kick around by yourself, of course. In fact, traveling couples become more and more frequent.

Dating is also available on your journey. You can meet people in places where you stay for a while, have romantic relationships, sexual relationships etc. We asked our gorgeous friends from Meet Russian Wife Online to help us figure out several dating tips for frequent travelers.


1. Stick to the concept of non-exclusive relationship. If you have a significant other back in your hometown, you should determine what is permissible during your trips. If your wife/girlfriend/lover does not mind you having sexual intercourses with other people, you might do whatever you want. However, if she’s against it – do not betray her expectations. A man is determined by his doings, not his talks. Do not be a douche.

2. Never make promises you cannot keep. Men never cease to amaze women with seduction tricks. One of the cruelest of them is the promises of eternal love and fidelity. I cannot possibly image what happens in our brains but we do say that and it indeed works. Afterward, you go on with your voyage while the girl you banged remains there with a broken heart and hopes. It’s a straightforward road to hell, just saying.


3. Get rid of applications for sex dates. Many of us have accounts on the websites related to finding partners for casual sex. Moreover, countless dating applications are used solely for this purpose. Not to be hypercritical, these apps are okay for the town you feel confident in. Nevertheless, attending sex dates in a new city is quite risky.

4. The best moments in your journey are romantic moments. Some people avoid meeting people for love and relationship in foreign countries. Yes, they have their own reasons – they don’t want to “settle down” or don’t want to get attached. Still, you should not lose an opportunity to spend several beautiful days with a gorgeous and intriguing woman.


5. Never fall in love. Just don’t. If your life is strongly reliant on traveling and you cannot get off this rail, you should avoid strong feelings. It will be much harder to leave the place. Moreover, you will scarcely be able to persuade her to travel with you. Traveling with this kind of emotional baggage won’t make much sense, believe my experience.

6. Try different spots to meet dates. Modern people prefer to use online dating. It helps shuffle off awkwardness and shyness. Even so, you can also try various spots to meet women. Bars, clubs, libraries, coffee shops, department stores… For God’s sake, there are numerous places to meet girls! Leave your zone of comfort and be happy.