Off Road Exploring: Top Trails, Paths and Parks in Canada and North America


A lot of people love taking to the open road and cruising through the streets. When you take an off roading vehicle off the streets it becomes an entirely different and thrilling experience. One of the biggest aspects of freedom through driving is hitting the open road and traversing through the dirt, grime and everything in between. There are plenty of great places throughout the continental United States and Canada you can make your own personal driving playground.


Taking the Drive

One of your most important pieces of equipment is your vehicle. It is the entire linchpin of the operation and what is going to get you cruising. You’ll want to have a vehicle that can handle the open road and anything it throws at you. A Jeep Wrangler is one such car. There is no better car where you’ll be feeling safe off road and in good hands.

It’s a versatile vehicle that will prepare you to turn up those headlights in the dead of the night or take a daytime plunge into an almost otherworldly adventure. There are a few things you should do to prepare yourself to explore. First off, make sure that the gas tank is filled up to the max. Prepare to have an extra pair of tires and supplies if the going gets tough. All of this should be a given if you’ve been off-roading before.

A good automobile is essential in adventuring. Now we’ll want to find some great places to go driving to see what you can handle and the new places you can claim you’ve been to.


Across the States

Arizona is a prime place to get driving. Almost anywhere you’ll be able to find a solid trek through the mountainous region or incredible off road trails. Make sure you’ve got yourself backed up with a good four-wheel drive. Redington Pass is one place that is a great spot and is right outside of Tuscon.

We’re going to take it up north a bit, dependent on where you live, you’ll want to know about places all around the country. Sometimes it is fun to have a preliminary road trip to your destination. Other times it is nice to settle down right by your place of residence.

In Michigan, there’s a great place called Silver Lake Dunes, Michigan. The state is popular for its sand dunes and this is just one of many. It’s recommended to go out during the summer months to avoid any winter. That is a different type of driving entirely on another level.

Canada Trails

The amount of trails in Canada could fill a tome of voluminous weight. One that stands out for us is the North Copper Logging Road in British Columbia. It is close to Thornhill and isn’t for the faint of heart. You need to know what you’re doing to take this on. Overall, you can find that there are far too many trails to ever hit in one lifetime. But the challenge to conquer them all is up to you off road warriors.

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