Money Saving Tips for an Extended Trip to New York


For some international travellers, a trip to New York City can be a dream vacation — a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit America’s largest and most diverse city. The cost of such a trip, however, can be very prohibitive for some who wish to make this journey.

Some expenses associated with such a trip include airfare, lodging, food, entertainment, transportation while in New York (whether it be a rental car or otherwise), and souvenirs.

Here are a few tips that may just help defray the costs of a few items on the trip’s itinerary, making this trip a bit more feasible for the cost-conscious travellers.

Book your tickets early. Research flights, accommodation, and entertainment options, and book them early. In fact the earlier that you book your trip, the better. Being “in the system” can guarantee you that seat on the plane, the room at the hotel, or tickets to the show or sporting event. As long as their name is on “the list”, they should be ok. So, book early. Changes can always be made later on if a better deal comes up.

When it comes to air travel, book a flight with at least one stop. It will take a bit longer to get there and back, so plans must be made accordingly. But non-stop flights can be prohibitively more expensive, and you, depending on layover times, may only be saving a few hours of travel time by flying non-stop, paying a great deal more for the convenience. Shop around and compare. Flights, flight times, cost, airports, transfers, layovers, and other pertinent travel information will all be there for comparison.

For hotel reservations, go to Expedia. Here, you can get a wonderful look at a wide variety of hotels, and can get detailed information on just about anything you may want to know about. You can narrow down your search to hotels within a preferred price range, to hotels with the amenities they like/need, location, and so on. This all takes but a few minutes of time, and is by far the best way to do it.

Don’t rent a car. Public transportation is extensive in New York, and can be taken all hours of the day. And there are thousands of taxis, not to mention excellent the Uber. Rental cars are very expensive, and parking is terrible (and expensive) downtown. Avoiding this hassle is a big key to having an enjoyable way around New York, and can be a great money-saver as well.