“I’ve Been There… Honestly!” — Why Cruise Holidays are Perfect for Families


Cruises run by companies such as Celebrity Cruises are ideal for families, providing a fuss-free holiday complete with every entertainment imaginable, from climbing to scuba diving to fine dining, and tailored to every budget. Far from being the stereotype that it used to be, cruises are getting cooler and catering to a younger, more diverse audience.


Easy travelling

On cruises there’s nothing to worry about, with no self-catering or planning trips and activities. Forget struggling through airports or keeping kids entertained in the car. Pick-up points are always easily accessible and anything you could forget is available on board, plus the activities start as soon as you step onto the ship.

Unlike trying to travel with children on traditional transport, a cruise ship takes you smoothly to each destination. They’ll even organize your excursions for you if you wish. No cooking dinners or remembering packed lunches, the holiday will be all-inclusive down to breakfast, lunch and drinks at the bar.

Better still, there’s no trawling around looking for restaurants and making lucky guesses. The cruise ship will have a huge selection and you can rest assured that all of their restaurants will be high quality and safe.


And fun!

Cruise holidays are all-inclusive, so you can enjoy everything a cruise has to offer—swimming pools, sunbathing, surfing lessons, scuba diving, yoga, or whatever else takes your fancy. Nightclubs, bars, an array of restaurants to suit different tastes and ages, shopping, libraries and even spa — boredom, not on their watch!

And don’t worry about the kids. Play areas, kids clubs, movie nights, face painting and swimming lessons will keep them occupied. Some cruises even have sleepovers and night nurseries so that you can wind down in one of the cruise’s bars or restaurants, knowing that your children are in safe hands. If yours are a bit older, there are even lounges and nightclubs for teens so that they can have their fun away from your watchful eye and be supervised.


What’s it like on board?

Cruise ship facilities are modern and well looked-after, varied to fit any budget, from the basic comforts to extras for those who like that little bit more space and luxury. With the activities on board and the daily excursions, there’s no such thing as a dull.

Who should you go with?

There are a huge variety of itineraries to choose from, so picking which cruise to go on can be tricky. Some cruises cater more for children, others more for young adults. Make sure your cruise attends the needs of your family, and book one that has plenty of activities for children and staff qualified to meet their requirements.

Checking some details of the boats before you book is also a good idea, such as when the boat was refurbished last and when the children’s activities run (as some are not all season and just in peak season).


There’s nothing for it now but to travel the world in affordable luxury and ease. With the children occupied and attended to, and the captain of the ship in charge of the driving, it’s time to start cruising! Ahoy there!