Hiding Money for a Secret Holiday? You’re Not Alone!


Would you ever hide money from your partner? If you answered yes, turns out you’re not alone. In a new study by AutoEurope.co.uk it was discovered that around 25% of people studied have a secret amount of money stashed away from their partner, which is, on average, over £4200 for men and a little more than £2700 for woman. While people are saving this secret money for a variety of reasons, I was really surprised to read that 27% of people are saving for a secret holiday – often without their partners. I personally feel that relationships are built on trust and so if these savings are really secret, it’s a very concerning sign for the relationship.

23% of people studied said that they had money in hiding incase the relationship falls apart, in order to get life started again. While I can understand getting prepared, I really think it’s important any personal savings you have are not a secret and if you can’t share that information with your partner, it’s probably a clear sign you should consider ending the relationship.

Almost 30% of the respondents said they felt guilty for hiding money from their significant other while in contrast 36% said they were doing it for the good of the family. Perhaps due to fears of the partner spending the money irresponsibility or for some addiction, such as alcoholism or gambling. While 57% of respondents said they would be delighted if they found their partner had a secret stash, 42% said they would be furious, which is exactly how I would feel if I found out my partner had money hidden from me.

I personally find money to be such a sensitive topic in relationship and feel that it’s important that each partner have a certain amount of money each month which is theirs to do with what they please. This is important to maintain financial independence and to ensure that you don’t have to ask permission for every little thing you wish to buy. However, I think it’s important to be transparent about any personal savings you have and the intention you have for them. The only time I personally feel it’s appropriate to hide your savings is in the case of an addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling, where you cannot trust your partner to take care of the money. I think secrecy with money can flow into other areas of your relationship, making lies and deceit seem normal, when it has no place in a healthy relationship.

Would you hide money from your partner in order to plan a holiday for yourself without them? Leave your comments down below!

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