Four casinos not to miss on your next trip to London


London is renowned for being one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world, celebrating and accommodating a little bit of everything, for everyone. A city that is so spirited and alive, it comes as no surprise that there really is something for everyone where the entertainment world is concerned. Whether you like to get suited and booted and show off your poker face, or simply have the occasional spin on the roulette table after work, London has an array of casinos tailored for all these needs.


To start with a casual option, Aspers Casino located in Stratford provides the perfect place for beginners who have had little exposure to casinos. Rather helpfully, their website has some online videos to help people get to grips with the rules, and at the casino itself beginners can enjoy an area solely dedicated for those wishing to get . comfortable with how to play, before participating in the real thing.  Crowned Britain’s biggest casino, Aspers offers other entertainment facilities such as a restaurant and a sky bar.

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 The Hippodrome

Another venue that welcomes players of all abilities, just like Aspers the Hippodrome in Leicester Square allows people without official membership to enter. Beginners are again encouraged to get stuck in, but those more acquainted with the world of poker can take part in regularly run competitive tournaments. This place takes poker seriously, and has a room run in partnership with Pokerstars – one of the best poker sites in the world according to top5pokersitescom. The Hippodrome is rated the best casino in London on TripAdvisor, and also boasts a 180-seat theatre that regularly puts on jazz, swing, soul and cabaret performances. This is the place to go for pure entertainment.

Palm Beach Casino 

Located in the affluent Mayfair, Palm Beach Casino is more geared towards those who enjoy to look their very best. Although the dress code is smart casual, this casino oozes sophistication so to fit in properly it is advisable to tidy yourself up! Unlike

Aspers and the Hippodrome, to enter the Palm Beach you can’t just simply walk in off the streets. Those staying in the hotel may enter through their privileged private entrance, but otherwise entry is only permitted with membership, which is free.

 The Ritz Club

As they put it themselves, “James Bond may not exist. But his world of sipping exquisitely made cocktails while playing a shrewd hand in the casino does.” For those looking for an exorbitant and ‘fine gaming’ experience, look no further.  In a similar fashion to the Palm Beach, the Ritz Club puts luxury before anything else, but goes a step further in charging a sizeable £1000 lifetime membership fee. In return, members can enjoy a personalized service in a stylish atmosphere. Needless to say, this is a casino for those who have the cash to splash!

These casinos show both sides of the coin, and whether you go for a simplicity or elegance, London as always fails to disappoint.