Finding the World’s Best Casinos


Who doesn’t like the thrill and fun found in a casino? With so much to see and do, and the anticipation as you make your bets, there are few things more exciting than hearing the “ca-ching” of slot machines or watching your competition’s faces over a round of poker.

But it’s not enough to go to just any casino, and if you’re like me, you probably want to go to some of the best in the world. I recently took a look at this great infographic: and learned where I should be gambling in 2016.


North America has more casinos than anywhere else, with a staggering 900 in the USA, and Las Vegas has the most, with 131 to choose from. Anyone who has been to Vegas can tell you that it’s a paradise for those who like to eat, party and spend some time in the many casinos, and it has a reputation around the world as a place where you can let your hair down and maybe even get up to no good.

London has the most casinos in Europe, with 26 waiting to be explored  (as well as a number of new online casinos). The Hippodrome Casino is a must-visit, and opened in January 1900 with a variety show and circus that included elephants and polar bears.

Perhaps one of the most famous places in the world, Monte Carlo has 4 different casinos and featured in the film Once Upon a Crime with Eugene Levy, along with the popular James bond films Never Say Never Again and Golden Eye.


Zipping across to Asia, Macau is the place to go, and is home to the largest casino in the world- the Venetian Macao. This casino is also the 7th largest in the world and has 39 stories waiting to be explored. Macao is also home to the highest bungy jump in the world, so if you win big you can celebrate by jumping off a tall building.

In South America be sure to visit San Jose, Costa Rica which has 22 casinos. In fact Costa Ricans enjoy socialising while playing, and while the casinos aren’t open 24 hours a day (curfew is around 2am), you’ll still have plenty of hours to fill.

There aren’t many casinos in Africa, and in fact South Africa is where you’ll find all 8 of them, with 3 in Cape town, 2 in Durban, and 3 in Johannesburg. If you’re in the area, be sure to visit Sun City which is a casino located outside of Johannesburg and considered to be Las Vegas’ African rival. With its own game reserve where you can go on safari and four different hotels, be sure to visit if you’re in South Africa.

In Australia you’ll find 6 casinos, with 3 in Sydney, 2 in Brisbane and 2 in Darwin. The best is The Star in Sydney, which is the place to go if you’ve already won big- consider splashing out on the $15,000 per night penthouse.

Casino Lover’s World Map Infographic: