Best Exotic European Holidays


Are you hoping to really get away from it all this year? Are you feeling tired and burnt out, or simply just want to relax in style?

Well if you’re ready to pack your bags and drive to the airport, here are the best destinations in Europe for your exotic European Holiday:



With around 300 days of sun each year, if you’re hoping to get some serious sun, Portugal is the place for you.

Visit Evora which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the most preserved medieval cities in Europe. You’ll wander through narrow alleyways, ornate palaces, and down cobblestone streets. If you prefer the coastline, visit Madeira which offers plenty to do including exploring the caves in Sao Vicente, scuba diving, or climbing Cabio Girao.

Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly are the place to go if you want to truly forget about it all, with miles of white sandy beaches and 5 inhabited islands waiting to be explored. The islands include Tresco, St Mary’s, St Martins, St Agnes and Bryher and are also set amongst hundreds of tiny islets and islands. With sub-tropical weather, you’ll have warmer weather than on the mainland, but also won’t be sweating all day like you would in many other European destinations.



While many people see Turkey as just a place to relax and lie on the beach, the truth is that there are few destinations offering the culture, history, and architecture found in this country. Straddling both Europe and Asia, Turkey has always been an incredibly strategically important country, and history buffs may find themselves overwhelmed by the things this country has seen.

In Turkey you’ll find majestic mountains, incredible ruins, sandy beaches, an ancient bazaars. The Turkish are warm and welcoming people, with top-notch food and a justifiable pride in their country.


Italy is a paradise for foodies, and along with pasta and gelato, you’ll find some of the best chefs cooking up intriguing mains throughout the country. Of course, no trip is complete without a visit to Rome and a wander through the colosseum, but to really see Italy be sure to visit the smaller villages and towns. Take a trip down to Sicily and enjoy a more laid-back approach to life, or hire a car and spend some time simply going wherever you fancy.



Sadly, Ireland is often overlooked by people looking for an exotic European holiday. However with friendly locals, incredible scenery, and pubs every few hundred metres, after visiting Ireland you’ll wonder why you didn’t go sooner.

This is a country of stories and legends, and for those who are a little fanciful and enjoy their history with a healthy dose of make-believe, wandering through the castles, taking photos of the magnificent coastline and rolling hills, and hearing stories about the “little people” is much more fun than lying on a beach somewhere.

For those who write, Dublin is a must visit due to all of the literary figures who have lived in the city. Learn about Michael Collins, Oscar Wilde, and Brendan Behan.