7 Great Packing Tips for a River Cruise in Winter


A cruise is a holiday that you can embark on all year round. Though the word might conjure up images of sun, sand and beaches, you should not feel restricted by time or location in your pursuit of a fun break. However, depending on when you choose to take on this adventure, you might want to pack accordingly. Here are our seven great tips for how to pack for a river cruise in winter.

Plan ahead
To get ready for your journey, it would be worth having an idea well in advance of what you may need to bring. This includes looking carefully at your itinerary and knowing what to expect from your holiday location. Your cruise expert, such as Imagine Cruising Australia, can help you plan, with their full breakdowns of their cruises. You can find a full breakdown of the trip schedule, complete with the duration of your stops. You should also look up the weather forecast for your holiday destinations as time draws near, as well as the average temperatures in that season. That way, you can be sure to know exactly what to be ready for.

Prepare for the chill
If you’re planning a river cruise in winter, you are bound to face some chilly nights, whether you are sailing through the delights of the Danube or experiencing the spirits of the Mediterranean. However, you should not let this stop you from spending an evening above deck watching the stars. It might feel strange to board a cruise liner with a winter coat, a scarf and gloves, a sturdy pair of shoes or a few spare sweatshirts; but, to ensure that you get the most out of your trip in the best comfort possible, it would not hurt to be prepared for the chill.


No such thing as too many socks!
This may sound surprising, but the unspoken hero of your winter cruise wardrobe may just be your underwear. Winter, no matter where your destination is, is very likely to be cold and wet, perhaps even icy and snowy! You might be surprised by a shower of rain, or wake up to a day freezing enough to see your breath. Should either of these occur, an extra pair of socks that dries quickly, some spare sets of underwear or even a good pair of thermals may be a worthy investment.

Dress in layers
Another way to make sure that you stay warm enough is to layer your clothes. USA Today’s Travel Tips say that “dressing in layers is the key to staying comfortable on a winter cruise” and suggest that you layer thin shirts and lightweight sweaters to ward off the chill. As well as being comfortable for you and giving you the option to remove a layer if you get too warm, packing to layer might also spare you the burden of bringing bulkier single items along on your cruise.

Have a range of clothing
As well as everyday life on the cruise liner, you should also pack comfortable clothes for planned stops and excursions throughout our river cruise. Exploring nearby cities or surrounding nature will require lighter, more durable clothing and easy-to-wear shoes. As well as this, either during a stop or on the cruise, you might plan to attend a special event and choose to bring some more formal attire. Many passengers do prefer to dress formally for dinner or selected pastimes, but you should pack for your personal desired level of comfort and for the activities that you wish to partake in.

If you are concerned about bringing too much luggage, but still want to feel that you have a choice of clothes on your cruise, you could look at bringing items that are easy to mix-and-match. This could include a pair of trousers or jeans that might suit any colour; short- and long-sleeved shirts; leggings, to go with longer tops; and a pair of comfortable but smart shoes. This will leave more space in your suitcases for any protection against colder weather—for example, coats or waterproofs—which tends to be bulkier.

Pack for the best cruise possible

Ultimately, what you decide to pack will go a long way in determining how happy and comfortable you are on your winter river cruise. If you pack with the aim of wholeheartedly embracing the experiences of this wonderful trip, you will be ready for anything!