5 Places You Have to Visit in Italy


Italy is one of those destinations that many people dream of, and why wouldn’t you? There’s amazing food, beautiful buildings, rich history, gorgeous beaches and amazing shopping. Italy really has it all! Whether this is your first trip to Italy or your 10th, chances are there are new areas for you to explore and new things to do. When visiting Italy you have a few choices to make before you even head out the door, including whether you’ll decide to take a tour or plan your trip alone. If this is your first trip, or you’re traveling alone or feeling a bit apprehensive about planning a trip, I suggest looking into small group Italy Tours. On a small group tour, you get a personal service with all the benefits in traveling in a tour, such as having anything booked for you, discounts because of the buying power of the tour company and a no pressure way to travel. However you decide to travel Italy, one thing is for sure: you’re going to love it. Make sure to check out at least some of these 5 places you have to visit in Italy.

The Colosseum, Rome:
This is one of the most famous landmarks in all of the world and for good reason. It’s an amazing piece of history that deserves at least a few hours visit. It’s popular and can become very crowded, so a tip to consider before you go is that you can actually buy tickets online in advance, which affords you the luxury of skipping the line. There’s the option for a tour and it does take around 4 hours to complete it. If you’re not familiar with the history or the Colosseum, then it’s worth taking the tour. If you don’t enjoy crowds, consider a nighttime tour – it looks especially beautiful all lit up at night. While in Rome, be sure to check out the Vatican and the stunning St. Peter’s Basicilia.

The Canals, Venice:
If you’ve dreamed of going to Italy then chances are Venice is high on your list: the beautiful winding canals and the romantic little streets – it’s unlike anywhere else in the world. Part of the charm of a visit to Venice is all the wonderful photo opportunities, it literally feels like you’re walking around a postcard. Be warned though, the streets feel all too familiar even though they’re different and it’s very easy to get lost here. You can cool down from the summer’s heat while indulging in incredible gelato, take a gondola cruise around Venice and visit a theatre to see a performance. Be sure to avoid the peak tourist season as you may find it a little overwhelming: I suggest visiting in Spring or Fall to get some good weather without the busyness.

Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence:
This 200 year old plaza has some of the best views over Florence, which make it a must-see destination. The square is decorated with copies of Michelangelo’s sculptures, but the real reason people come is in order to see the stunning view. It’s quite a trek, so if you don’t enjoy hiking then you may be better off taking a bus up to the top. If you can time it just before sunset, it’s a wonderful time to look at over beautiful Florence. Usually, there are some talented musicians busking at the top, so take a drink and enjoy the stunning sunset. Best of all – it’s free!

Sassi di Matera, Matera:
Awarded the European Capital of Culture for 2019, Matera is a place to visit. There’s a unique history here, as to how the people lived until the 1950s completely isolated from the outside world. Sassi di Matera is now a world heritage site, with all the previous occupants having been rehomed as the living conditions were too poorly. Be warned that the people there practice a siesta between 2-4pm, so most of the shops will be closed. Plan your visit around those times as to not be disappointed! Be sure to take a tour so you can enter one of the cave homes and see how people lived without electricity or running water – it’s like taking a step back in time.

Egyptian Museum of Turin, Turin:
No trip to Italy would be complete without indulging in a little history and this is hands down one of the worlds best museums. Here you’ll find the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts outside of Egypt. This is another location where it’s so much better to go with a guide who can walk you through the important pieces. Whether you’re a history buff or just love museums, this is one you cannot miss!

Italy has so much to offer the traveler that you’ll probably find one trip isn’t long enough. Take your time and make your way around this beautiful country, enjoying lots of delicious food along the way.