4 Ways to make Check-in a Breeze


Airports are stressful places. They’re busy, smelly, and no one wants to be stuck waiting for a flight that never comes.

1)     Take Advantage of Airport Parking

If you’re luck enough to have airport parking at your local airport, taking advantage of it could be the difference between arriving for your flight stressed and upset, or arriving relaxed and calm.

Many airports don’t have any parking available, but the Dublin airport parking is known as one of the best parking options around.

Head to Airparks.co.uk to learn more about why you should experience the comfort of knowing that your car is waiting for you when you return from your trip.


2) Choose a Reputable Airline

It can be tempting to snap up those cheap fares with that low-cost airline that’s never on time. And you won’t regret it until you’re stuck in the airport and sure to miss your connecting flight.

Do your research and read reviews about the potential airline choices available for your flight. Seatguru is an excellent resource for learning more about the plane configuration, meal options, and how often flights are delayed.

3) Choose your Airports Wisely

While many people will take their time choosing an airline, it’s easy to forget about airport layovers. While a 9 hour stopover in Singapore airport may be a walk in the park, the same wait in LAX could drive you crazy.

When choosing between airports, it’s important to recognise that some airports are cheaper to fly out of for a reason. Whether it’s because they’re located outside of the city centre, or they’re simply used by low cost carriers, it’s important to do your research.

The world’s busiest airport is currently Atlanta International, followed by Beijing, London, and Los Angeles International.

The busier the airport, generally the higher the chance of delays and lost baggage.


4) Leave Work at Home

It can be tempting to take one last work call, or answer some last minute emails on the way to the airport, but when it comes to taking a vacation, the best option is to wrap everything up the night before you leave.

Your colleagues and employees are there for a reason, and the purpose of a vacation is to relax and take some time off from work, so you can return in a better frame of mind.