4 things that can ruin your vacation


No one wants their vacation to be marred by bad behaviour, hospital trips and a night with the police. It’s not only the stuff of nightmares, but the repercussions of your actions on vacation could be severe and even impact your life back home. 

Holidays are all about relaxing, having a good time and spending that time with your loved ones. So, how can you ensure that you don’t get into trouble and that your holiday goes off without a hitch? Well, to help keep you out of trouble, I’ve gathered 4 things that will ruin your vacation and how you can avoid them!

Getting (too) drunk

Everyone likes to kick back and enjoy themselves on holiday and having a drink or two is all part of the fun, however, having too much to drink could potentially ruin your break. Whether you’re getting behind the wheel of a car – click here if you’re looking for a Houston based DWI lawyer – getting a little too loud and boisterous, disturbing the peace or even breaking local laws on drinking. Always drink responsibly and check the local laws on alcohol in case there’s anything you need to know. 

Not investing in travel insurance 

We get it. Insurance is boring and seems like a complete waste of time and money. However, if you find that your flights have been cancelled, you’ve lost your luggage, or you’ve injured yourself abroad you’ll kick yourself if you don’t have any arranged. Make sure you have a travel and medical insurance policy in place before you hit the road.

Not vetting your accommodation 

If you’re only planning on using your accommodation as a base while you go out and have fun, then the basics should be enough. However, avoid simply choosing the cheapest option when you book. Even if you just want somewhere to rest your head at night, if you end up in a pest-infested room with no windows or air-con and a door that doesn’t lock then you’re going to regret it. Do plenty of research before you book!

Not planning for the weather

Sure you’re heading to Florida, Spain or somewhere renowned for glorious sunshine and heat. But what if it rains? And the cooler evening? Filling a suitcase with t-shirts, shorts and swimwear sounds easy enough, but you should always pack for rain, cool winds and an evening chill. Be smart and check the weather forecast too!